Terminal Rectal Cancer with Liver Metastases : Please Help Save Florian Schild’s Life

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Update posted by Cherie Schild On Jan 24, 2020

Dear families, friends and everyone

We have a very happy news to share with you. My husband had finished his chemotherapy treatment and we just got the result. He is considered NED, no trace of cancer in his body now, we are so glad of this wonderful news! 🥳 🍾🥂🎉

Now he is on the watch and wait. He will be monitored and have checks every four months and CT scans etc. So far he is doing fine, eating well, feeling excellent and happy of the result. He will resume work in March, he is eager to return after a long absence.

We are all settling well in Switzerland, kids started going to schools and our home is getting more comfortable 😀 We want to thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts for everything, we could not have made it through without your great support, kindness, love and generosity. Although we might not know each other, we appreciate very much of everything you have done for us. We know it would not be easy and we know it will be a long battle, we are counting our blessings everyday and to make our lives worthwhile.

We wish you a Happy Chinese New Year! A fantastic year of rat, might it filled with joy, love, happiness and good health ❤❤❤

Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!!!

Update posted by Cherie Schild On Dec 13, 2019

Dear all

We are glad to share with you that we have finally found a lovely flat for our family to stay, it will be a new start for all of us in Switzerland, especially for the kids, adjusting to the different language, the Swiss culture and the cold here, but they are doing so great! We cannot wait to furnish our new home so that we can move in 😀

My husband has been fairly stable since his return, manageable side effects have made life easier for him. He is happy and well here, he puts on some weight 🥳 His last chemotherapy will finish in January 2020, hopefully it will be the last he needs! We will update you again once his treatment is finished.

We are so blessed to have you along in our journey, helping us in every possible way. Your kindness, love and support are the greatest sources for us to keep on fighting. We cannot describe our appreciation in words but you know our hearts are forever grateful to you. Thank you so much ❤❤❤ We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Fantastic New Year of 2020! We wish the BEST for HK in 2020 as well. I hope next time when I return home it will be as beautiful as I remember it ❤

Update posted by Cherie Schild On Oct 31, 2019

Dear All

My husband flew back to Switzerland last Wednesday, he arrived safely. He met with the Swiss oncologists subsequently and yesterday he started his chemotherapy treatment. They changed his drugs which required him to stay in the hospital for a few days for the chemo each time. They will also give him a port which he will need to carry till the end of his treatment. Hopefully the new drug will be able to clear all the cancer cells in his body!

Everything is ok so far and I am having a war zone at home, packing our belongings before we fly! We will leave by end of Nov. Thank you so much for keeping us in your thoughts and we thank you again for everything ❤

Update posted by Cherie Schild On Oct 02, 2019

Dear families, friends and everyone

It has been almost four months since my husband had his surgeries. A lot has been going on apart from his personal well being. We are greatly saddened by what has been happening here at the same time. It breaks our hearts to witness all these in Hong Kong, a beautiful city we call Home.

Since my husband was sent to the emergency in early August, he became worried of what might come. We then decided to relocate back to Switzerland. He would like to return home to be with his families and friends and continue his chemotherapy treatment. While his body seems to respond to the chemotherapy, the side effects cause various blood levels to drop significantly and are causing significant risks. His oncologist told him during his last visit that they would consider to switch to other drugs and see if it improves.

We are keeping positive and hoping his health will improve greatly while surrounded by his loved families and friends. He is preparing to go back to Switzerland by end of October during his chemotherapy break. I will follow him with the kids as soon as I settle everything in here. I wish we and Hong Kong will get through it together. The unknown could be scary and worrying but we will fight every step of the way! May God bless us and Hong Kong.

Thank you so much wholeheartedly for everything, our families, friends and everyone, many of you we do not know and have never met. You gave us hopes, supports and loves when we most needed it. We shall never give up! I will keep you posted of my husband well being after our relocation. We wish you all the best ❤❤❤

Update posted by Cherie Schild On Aug 28, 2019

Dear all

Sorry for the late update as we have been waiting for my husband's PET scan result which he did last friday. As you might remember he was sent to emergency previously and he stayed for a week. He did a CT scan at QM and it was not looking good. His oncologist requested him to do another PET scan after he was discharged. Today he did another CT scan together with the PET scan result, everything is fine 🎉🎉🎉 The last scan showed a false alert. We are so happy to share the news with you all as you could imagine our hearts dropped after he heard from his doctor before.

We are at the pool today to enjoy a lovely family day before the summer ends. Happy summer everyone and thank you so much for all your kind supports, donations and prayers always. Your kindness touches our hearts, we are so blessed to have you in our difficult journey, we cannot thank more for everything you did for us, thank you ❤❤❤

We would like to give a special THANK YOU to Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation for the prompt assistance for scans and oncologist consultation as well.

Update posted by Cherie Schild On Aug 14, 2019

Dear all

My husband was suffering from severe pains and vomiting continuously on last Friday, he was sent to the emergency here on Saturday morning and then they flew him over to QM right after.

Doctor suspected he has blockage in the colon and they have been doing X-ray daily and a CT scan on Sunday. They put a tube from his nose to stomach to extract everything, he was still suffering from pains and vomiting the first few days. His condition has improved and he stopped vomiting and the pains reduced. Doctor takes the wait and see approach and hope that it will clear itself so no need surgery to clear the blockage. He has been on Infusion since last Saturday. He is due to have his IV chemo this Friday. I hope he will make it through.

I will update you again once he is home, so far we have not been advised when he can return home.

It is heart breaking to see my husband being so sick and suffering from pains as well as seeing my beloved city breaking apart. HK has always been my wonderful home where I feel most safe. Now I have fears taking my children out, and also worried for my husband being in the hospital if the staffs would go on strike etc. I am at lost and I hope it will all go away soon. Peace ❤

Update posted by Cherie Schild On Aug 02, 2019

Dear all

My husband started the second round of the chemotherapy last Friday (he needs a total of 8 rounds) and he was not handling it well, very bad side effects like nausea, headaches and pains etc, he has been bed resting since he got home as he vomited a lot, lost his appetite and couldn't keep anything down, he was only able to go to the couch few days ago. His oncologist told him his white blood cell dropped too low and now at the borderline, if it drops further he will have to stop the chemotherapy.

I got him some protein powder and supplements to minimize his side effects. He was feeling much better after starting to take the protein supplement. Yesterday we celebrated the Swiss national day, eating the delicious raclette cheese and sausages 🇨🇭🥳 He misses his friends and families and among all the Swiss foods!

We hope his body will get stronger and the white blood cell will go back to normal level. Please keep your prayers to him. Thank you very much ❤❤❤

Update posted by Cherie Schild On Jul 12, 2019

Dear everyone

My husband met with the oncologist from Queen Mary public hospital yesterday, he scheduled to see my husband again in two weeks time and hopefully we can receive treatment from them on the following day.

So far he is having the regular chemo side effects like nauseous, stomach pain, diarrhea, fatigue etc and his mouth bleeds easily and even tears hurt his eyes. We hope it will get better and become more manageable soon. He is doing ok otherwise.

Our oldest son finally graduated from kindergarten and will go to primary first grade in September. We are hoping to spend more time with our kids during their summer break before their busy life ahead. Hopefully everything will go well in the meanwhile.

We wish everyone a lovely summer holiday and will keep you updated from time to time, thank you so much for reading this and keeping us in your prayers ❤

Update posted by Cherie Schild On Jul 06, 2019

Dear all

After discussing with Zurich hospital this past Monday, my husband was able to make the informed decision about his chemotherapy treatment subsequently, he finally started chemotherapy yesterday at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation, it was a all day long hospital for him which was quite exhausing, he, however, handled it very well, minor pain and discomfort he said, other than that he was ok. His siblings arrived on Thursday evening and they came to the hospital to keep him company and keep his spirit up. It was a long missed reunion for them. We came home late at night hence the delayed update.

This morning we attended to our oldest son's kindergarten graduation. My husband was not feeling very well but he made it to the ceremony. During the ceremony, my son was singing "when we grow up" along with his classmates, I could not help myself feeling sentimental when I listened to them. There has been so much happening since the last two months from colonoscopy to confirmation of the rectal tumor with liver mets, followed by resections of rectum and liver, now the chemotherapy. I somehow still find it unreal, like everything just happened yesterday, we run to one thing after another, there was no time to breath.

I thought a lot last night, some people said life is a series of misfortunes, I had a very tough childhood, complicated family background and always have to learn things the hardest way. I learnt not to worry things that are beyond our power, I learnt to make a better life out of my predicament. Here I am today fighting with my husband against his critical illness while watching my three little kids growing up. Feel like it was only yesterday when my oldest was sleeping in my arm after feed.

We are so grateful to have all of you in our journey, helping us in different ways, you might not realize how your kindness and support touch our hearts and heal our pains, but I want to thank you for everything, because of you my husband is able to receive the treatment he needs, because of you he is able to attend his first son's kindergarten graduation, because of you we can grow old together and watch our kids growing up. Whatever may come, we know we have your support and blessing, thank you very much for showing us hope, together we can conquer cancer.

I would like to make a special thank to Jo Soo-Tang, Anna Treier and her husband Sandro, Dani Mijic, Karen Linker, Swiss XI teammates, Swiss benevolent community and Florian's friends from far and near. Your support and love help Florian to go through the toughest journey in his life. Thank you.

Update posted by Cherie Schild On Jun 30, 2019

Dear all,

My husband has been doing great since the surgeries, he is recovering well, they will remove his bandages this week🎉🎉 however he has troubles putting on weight and is at the edge of the BMI, he has diet and exercise plans now and we hope he will not lose more once his chemotherapy starts!

At the moment we are facing to make a choice between two treatment plans that are offered by our oncologists, we have seen three private oncologists and Adventist oncologist. They came up with the two plans (chemotherapy alone or chemotherapy with targeted therapy). It is very difficult for us to make the decision, not only we are no doctors but also we dont understand the weighting of the benefits and side effects/toxicity etc.

I have been doing research of the disease as soon as we found out my husband has cancer. I understood that if the cancer patient is Kras wide type, he/she will be beneficial to the targeted drug which will also help him to relieve the side effects from the chemotherapy. Also studies show it is more effective to treat cancer patients when using chemotherapy together when targeted therapy if the patients are suitable. That's why we have some doubts of the plan for chemotherapy alone.

My husband has submitted his reports and scans to Zurich hospital and hopefully they will be able to give us some advice by Monday evening regarding the treatment plan.

He will nevertheless start treatment this week as he must start it four weeks after surgeries. Our first appointment with QM is only scheduled on 11 July, so we cannot discuss with them about the treatment plans that we are offered and ask them what would they suggest etc. We pray that we are given the right answer and right treatment plan. His life is in the doctors' hands now. We trust their expertise and experience. I will update you as soon as his chemotherapy starts.

Thank you so much to all your support, generosity, kindness and love. You have helped us in so many ways, spiritual, mentaly and financial etc. We feel that you are holding our hands every step we make. We are so grateful, without you, we cannot be where we are today. We will keep fighting and I know we will win!

Thanks again and lots of hugs and kisses to you ❤❤❤

P.S. Our payme finally is fixed, you can donate via payme or FPS +852 5407 5071. Thank you.



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