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Fight back against drug abuse today.

The Cape Peninsula is the drug addiction and gangster capital of South Africa. In 2018, 7% of the drug rehabilitation statistics were kids between the ages of 10 and 14! It is estimated that 1.5% of the people in South Africa are suffering from drug addictions. Young people make up about 40% of these statistics.

The New start program has the ability to set them free.

In 2003, the lifestyle center in Saldana had a success rate of 80% drug rehabilitation. While we treated a range of problems, ranging from cancer to chronic diseases, at least half of our guests were drug addicts.

Sadly, today, the lifestyle centers in the western cape barely treat 100 people per year. Very few of them have drug dependency problems.

Even if an active drug rehabilitation program could be restarted, an urgent commitment is needed for maximum efficiency. This program can and should touch the lives of millions. Moreover, it lacks an effective preventative strategy.

Therefore, we would like a twofold strategy, that involves both preventative and restorative programs targeting both the lower and higher income classes.

Our preventative strategies include proposed inspirational programs between corporate, entertainment, defence, law enforcement, maritime, nature conservation and banking sectors. Through active youth development programs, we dream to empower the youth to escape the chains that bind them to the artificial world of drugs and gangsterism. We believe that people were designed in the image of God. Young people can become the architects of their own lives. They can find a reason to live.

At the heart of our restorational program lives the dream of happiness. Using successful people as role models, we could visit schools and teach the youth how to make a success of their lives.

Imagine a Cheeta from the sanctuary in Somerset West walking into a primary school classroom. Can a Rooivalk landing on a school field inspire a young pilot? Will youth business and development meetings take teens of our streets and boost our economy?

One crucial question remains to be answered. What makes the New Start program different to any other rehabilitation center?

Its simple. We don't do rehab. This program specializes in the holistic development of mind, body and soul. By boosting the body to a state of homeostasis, we enable the body to clean itself. Using activated charcoal packs, hydrotherapy and blood cleansing herbs, the body is then optimized.

Drug rehabilitation is difficult. Every substance to which the body is exposed is stored within the fat layers. When you experience a shortage, the required resources is removed from storage. If tracer elements of the drug is released with the stored nutrients, it triggers instant cravings. That is why a complete detox is the only effective drug rehabilitation program.

Our aim is to help 160 people per month. We would like to treat about sixty drug addicts during that period. This would give us the ability to work with about 720 drug addicts per year. This would be done at an expense of approximately 300 dollars per person.

While the expenses will remain high, a self sustaining center will enable is to keep the costs to a minimum.

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Michael is a young medical missionary. He studied BA. Theology for three years, loves God supremely and believes Him to be the answer to all our needs


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My life is a miracle. I should have been dead. The medical world had no advice. God saved me. Join me to find the finger prints of a living God.


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