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Update posted by Jude Herrick On Jan 23, 2016

Hello, and thank you for your interest. I know these days it takes a leap of faith to believe anyone, in anything they tell you. I would like the opportunity to prove to you that not only is my platform unique, it is the only plan that will spare us a coming hardship in America. This, in my opinion is the last chance we have to get it right. We will not get it right if we keep electing elites who are out of touch with the people who actually run America (blue collar men and women). We are being overtaxed, overworked, and under-represented. My main vehicle to solve our problems (together) is to gather in one place and be free to do what we need to do. The place is my App in the making called SpeakYourMindApp. This also entails ideas from businesses, individuals from the private sector and unfortunately our Congressional Men and Women. The private sector to me, primarily means private, non governmental individuals (blue collar especially) this is where the best ideas are from, believe it or not.

Some of my solutions.


The economy is central to being able to solve the remainder of the problems that face us. Without funds we can not do all the things we have to do, especially when we are too weak to protect ourselves from the one paycheck from being on the street scenario we enjoy all too well now in America. Inasmuch and in itself, a major contributor of our stresses, animosities and woes. I do not advocate anything even approaching take from the rich and giving to the poor. However, the inequity of wages of those who own and those who actually do the work is extremely out of balance. Who is going to buy their products if no one has any money
? We need to implement profit sharing and bonus incentives for real work done! Work done to line the pockets of the already wealthy with even more wealth. This is fair and this is right. This work needs to go rewarded, and it will actually benefit both parties.

Tax Plan: The Fair Tax is the lowest and the most cost effective (fairest) tax plan available, however there are strategic nuances to other plans that can be implemented in a supplemental way to cover all of the bases and all of the loopholes. We will still need the IRS ( who is going to process payments) but in an abbreviated capacity.

We need to foster competition in the marketplace. This drives down prices and ensures quality. Small business makes up over half of our economy effectively, we must strengthen success and mitigate risks through selctive cooperation.

The media is one place particularly that will help the atmosphere of daily life, happiness, news and morals (Family Life). This is in the works.

Our prison system is killing us. We have corrupt wardens running organized crime out of prisons with complete autonomy. Gangs and Extremism is fostered here. We would save trillions if we exiled lifers to an island and created a worldwide shipping industry for those criminals costing us more than if they were attending Harvard Law. With the special treatment, appeals and various bureaucracies we are losing money wholesale.

I would open up all X-Files to our people.

Any public official proven guilty of corruption will be sent to Federal Prison.

The Supreme Court will be an elected non-lifetime post. No longer will they legislate from the bench!

Intellectual property of the people will be protected. No longer will big business rip off the little guy and claim the ideas as their own.

Classrooms will be linked together randomly for visits and virtual field trips, they can build virtual worlds to care for instead of the model UN. Internet classroom visits with other students will create an atmosphere of culture and peace This is inclusion/solidarity in learning, and is an exciting and new way of learning from each other, showing the world that Americans are people just like them. I will do away with common core, it is losing our Children's interest. For classroom safety we will have a Sheriff on grounds to protect from crazed lunatics.

Radical extremists will be run out of our country. Those who enter the country will be vetted thoroughly, if they have no records then they have to have vouchers in the form of witnesses who will be held accountable if the truth was circumvented.

My path to citizenship will be a proving path! If you are seeking asylum with your family and have no time to go through the naturalization process, rather than sneaking in, you can pave your way to citizenship by proving your love for America and serve the military as a possible alternative. This solves 3 problems in one. It also saves us billions and grows our military without making our servicemen and woman serve multiple tours.

We need to help families, single mothers, stop drug flow by burning the fields of drug cartels ans seizing their asses. Their attack on American citizens is tantamount to chemical warfare and money laundering that costs us much more than billions, it costs us our beloved family members and relationships.

Many more common sense solutions.

Please contact me for more and for anything you would like to add.

Thank you very much my brothers and sisters.

Jude Fernando Herrick

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