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Update posted by Mona Earnest On Sep 08, 2017

Courageous behavior or character, valor, nerve, daring, fearlessness, heroism, backbone, showing up, saying "no" when you know you need to so that you can "yes" to the right things, it's having the courage to stay the course and do the right thing even when it feels like you're swimming upstream, it's being the dad - no matter the cost.

Thanks again to all of our generous backers - please continue to share this funding campaign across the nation.

Mona Earnest

Update posted by Mona Earnest On Aug 31, 2017

Here's the link again for those who missed this on the first update:


Update posted by Mona Earnest On Aug 29, 2017

Connor Martens recently posted this to FB and it is without question a MUST READ for every US Citizen:

This picture was taken a month before the trial at a wedding I took Molly Martens Corbett to in Charleston. As you can imagine it was difficult to escape the anxiety of 12 strangers determining your life, but we never could have imagined what has happened.

With all of that said, this post isn't about the conditions of the North Carolina Correctional Facility. It isn't just about domestic abuse. It isn't about the ineptitude of a rural county investigation or the prosecution preventing evidence from being presented. It isn't even about whether they're guilty or innocent. At this point, it is about every American and their right to a fair trial.

1) the basic premise of serving on a jury is to NOT construct your own theory

2) The judge's instructions specifically say they could not consider Molly to be the "aggressor." Another juror has declared Molly to be manipulative and bi polar. She did not testify nor did any witness testify to her character in any way. Again, it does not take a legal mind to understand this is unlawful.

Lastly, another juror on 20/20 made the statement the defense failed to prove them innocent. Every hour of the near 4 week trial, the jury was reminded that it is the state's burden to prove the defendants guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The defense has NO burden meaning they do not have to prove anything. Did you know in the state of North Carolina juries are not sequestered even for a murder case?

This isn't just about my family.


Update posted by Mona Earnest On Aug 28, 2017

Today we took our campaign to the streets of Washington DC to spread the word about how Tom saved his daughter's life and how the State of NC convicted them both for 2nd degree murder. Our fellow Americans were outraged.

Thank you again for your continued support. Please keep sharing www.gogetfunding.com/right-the-wrong-help-molly-tom

Update posted by Mona Earnest On Aug 24, 2017

Many thanks again to all of our followers and to everyone who has so generously contributed. We continue to move forward with our campaign to spread awareness of the injustice of Tom and Molly’s situation across our nation. Please continue to share our message with everyone in your social network.

FYI – our platform support team is very aware that our Followers tab continues to be usurped by a small number of unscrupulous individuals. Please know that the support team continues to monitor and delete as well as ban and report as appropriate all of the individuals who seek to interrupt our fundraising campaign.

If you are approached via e-mail by any of these abusive individuals please DO NOT respond. Doing so will only give them an opportunity to access your e-mail address. Instead, please forward the communication to me through the “send me a message” button so that the platform support team can take appropriate action.

Thanks again,

Mona Earnest

Update posted by Mona Earnest On Aug 17, 2017

Tom and Molly's attorney's filed a motion today for appropriate relief in Davidson Superior Court. They allege that the jurors engaged in misconduct, which they say requires that the verdict be set aside. I have attached the Winston-Salem Journal link for everyone. Thanks again for your continued support.


Update posted by Mona Earnest On Aug 16, 2017

For all those who may have missed the 20/20 Exclusive that aired on Friday, August 11th - here is the link. Please pass this along to everyone you know.


Update posted by Mona Earnest On Aug 14, 2017

As we continue our funding campaign I wanted to take a moment to reach out across the miles to all of the kind and loving people of Ireland who believe that all is not as it appears. Some of you are courageously standing up with us already and for that we are grateful beyond words. We also know that a large number of you may want to help but may be fearful. Please know that we understand that fear completely. To those of you in fear please know that you can donate anonymously and you can also send me a private message through the fundraising site. Thank you all for your loving thoughts, kind words and generous donations but most of all for your courage and bravery.

Warmest regards,

Mona Earnest

For those needing assistance with anonymous donation or any issues pertaining to the funding site please contact Victoria at Go Get Funding directly: [email protected]

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Rick McCafferty

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Our thoughts and prayers are with you both.

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Thinking of you today!

The Massey Family

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I am a retired FBI agent (65-89) who knew and worked with Tom at HQ, WDC and believe him to be a solid, well-grounded moral person. He is certainly not a loose cannon. Good luck and good justice on your appeal. John

John Clynick

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