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GO FUND YOURSELF : Go Fund Yourself The

billions of funds each year collected as tax without a valid contract

is being used against the people who are paying it. As part of our

transition from slavery to freedom and in order to Restore the Rights of

the people we have formed a large community standing on Universal Law,

which cannot be added to, administrative legal systems are causing us to

commit fraud by using something that is not ours to commit commerce

with. The copyrighted name. Using it funds terrorism and fraud and we

are obligated to create a structure that offers the people remedy. We

have a structure that replaces the system of slavery from our own

currency to our own organic food outlets. We now want to be able to help

the communities to implement a Kindness Credit Project in each of their

own communities, giving back direct democracy to the people without

having to commit fraud to do so. Each community will benefit from having

access to their own resources produced and created in each community

and exchanging with other communities for their skills and services.

This has already been piloted in Greece and parts of England and Wales

and Scotland. The funds will be used to secure hospitals which will be

used to rehabilitate those who believe they have a right to force their

beliefs on another that are against The Law. If i cause you harm with a

piece of paper (legal harm) i have broken the law : To Do No Harm. This

is not difficult to grasp when a thorough education of facts is

ministered, the funds will help us create a Kindness Credit drop in

center in each town to replace the CAB which acts as a funnel for people

back into slavery. A Ministry of Remedy in Worcester which is an old

church will be renovated to hear the cases of people against private

corporations and have remedy and recourse accessible once more. The Law

will have a platform to be heard and upheld replacing the corrupted

private court systems as they stand today.
We have a structure to

attach your own credit file to a Kindness Credit Account which will

discharge all the liabilities. We will use some of these funds raised to

promote Kindness Credits so as many people as possible can learn the

difference what a tangible method of direct exchange does to a system

that cannot absorb our energy when its converted to Kindness. Which the

funds will help with us supporting the Ministers to go amongst the

communities to help spread this information. Because there are so may

people who now require assistance we cannot rely on the sharing of posts

on fb to bring forward two or three people a day to this it needs to be

saturated in as many minds as possible as quickly as possible and by

arranging HOT SPOTS of Kindness in each town with a small outlet we will

be able to help more people more effectively than waiting for everyone

to learn what their Treasury account is and how to use it via facebook.

We have already got access to some treasury accounts because some people

bothered to learn the steps at Steps to Freedom

but we need to reach the tipping point of awareness now and tip the

scales of Remedy and Law back into balance and the funds will be used to

make sure that happens much quicker than one or two a day being made

We have been feeding and clothing homeless and now have

secured property for them which is paid for from our TA accounts it took

1 month to create accommodation for 10 people, survival kits and food

for 27 people the cost to do so in slave tokens was 3k that is just

over 100 slave tokens for each person helped. We have 1.4 million

homeless in the UK and then the corporation stopped counting. These lost

souls do not deserve this treatment, they like you have paid your

taxes, had your treasury accounts used to bail out banks, money

laundering, drug and people trafficking, instead of having them used to

support you and your communities with, in a frequency of Kindness. So

when you cant pay your protection racket money any longer they leave you

in the street destitute and dying, WE DO THAT !!to one another not

realising a time will come when it is you and your family next.

can change that together and we have already for some, we want to be

able to help more people more quickly and we want you to fund this with

your treasury accounts if you have the inclination to learn, or to just

convert some of your slave tokens you gained for your blood sweat and

tears in the corporate slave system to help yourself out of it when your

ready, building the alternative for you to step across to when your

ready down the line. It does not matter if you send one slave token or

1000 when its converted into Kindness the debt system looses another

opportunity to make debt with it, to create bombs with it, to pay for

the theft of peoples children with it or other property.
This is

Kindness Credits and this is your opportunity to be the change your

always banging on about.. "Someones got to do something!!"
Well, that someone is you and that something is THIS.

are obligated to create a structure that does not cause harm whether

its deemed"legal" or not. Legal wars are unlawful. Legal social genocide

is unlawful. The system of commerce is unlawful and now its time to

stop supporting legal and support what is LAW.
How much harm will

you stand by and watch being done because someone indoctrinated you with

a word "legal" which really means to do you harm and call it something

You did not have a choice before as there was nothing else to

adopt. Well there is now, so now, whats your excuse. ... there is none

left. We don't really want your slave tokens we want your energy

converted from slavery to kindness.. at the moment its trapped inside

the belief that those slave tokens have some worth.. so if we removed

200k worth of slave energy belief form each community what would the

system be left with ?
Answer : No support ...200k x their fed

reserve banking system fiat currency equation is one hell of a hole in

the ledger books of theft.
We will cover the requirements for the policing done under the law.
We will fund our teachers educating our children with life skills instead of dumbed down empty shells.
We will fund natural remedies and free energy creation instead of toxic food and medicine.
We will create what we want to see instead of everything we say we dont want instead.
We will create our own currency and control our own chaos.

will practice self determination and responsibility because we only

have to look around to see what assigning our consent away did.
Who did we give our consent to exactly ?
And what the hell have the corporations thought is acceptable to do with it is our obligation to remedy.

pounds of slavery out of the system makes a huge difference in every

town. Used via Kindness Credits it would support x8 the value it would

create the equivalent of 1,600.000 slave tokens worth of energy just by

it not being utilised in the slavery system without repeating what the

use of such energy would bring within our own communities. This is a Go

fund me (U) for that amount in each town and city in what is called by

some UK we know as England Wales Scotland and Ireland and this fund

account is for the people of those communities.. each and every one of

you will benefit from funding yourselves to form a better future than

the one we are currently in alignment of.
Go Fund Urself because you

are me and i am U and this is about restoring your rights and supporting

those of others to keep theirs reserved and intact too.
Helping others to help U an inverted pyramid.


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