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MAY 2019

In Tanzania the Government issued circular 5 in 2014 which support the implementation of the Education

and Training policy 2014 whose purpose is to ensure that primary and secondary education is free for all

children. This includes the removal of all forms of fees and contributions. However, some indirect costs

such as health insurance, school uniforms, shoes, school bags, books, stationaries will be covered by the

student’s parents/caretaker.

In Tanzania, approximately 21 Million children are under 18, within this group, at least 2 million are

classified as most vulnerable children (MVC) and 40% of them are HIV/AIDS orphans. The most vulnerable

children in Tanzania are cared by a surviving parent, extended family member, elderly or older children in

child headed households who are vulnerable too.

EKama Development Foundation (EDF) carried out a research in Temeke and Kigamboni Municipals in

2015 which revealed high levels of violence committed to children which in turn affected their attendance

and retention in schools. The research found out that most children are vulnerable to child abuse and

violence. Thus, children are vulnerable to sexual abuse, drug abuse, teen violence, early marriage,

child/teen pregnancy, exploitation and neglect.

Due to the above reasons, Ekama Development Foundation in collaboration with teachers in 10 schools

in Temeke District and Kigamboni Districts (the poorest districts) in Dar es Salaam decided to support

selected very vulnerable children by providing them with health insurance, school uniforms, stationaries,

shoes, school bags, and books.. Apart from lacking basic school needs, they lack a food for the children

as the research found out that lack of food has led to increased numbers of drop out, retention, and

chronic absence, increasing the vulnerability to child abuse (early marriage, teen pregnancy/child

pregnancy, sexual abuse, child labour, exploitation and early pregnancy).

The reason why the organization (EDF) has decided to initiate this programme is to contribute to the reduction of child violence committed to children and providing a chance for the children to have a better life in the future. The project will be implemented Temeke and Kigamoni targeting children living in situations that are prone to violence, neglect and exploitation.


The target is to support at least 100 children every year (children with HIV/AIDS, orphans, child laborers, street children and living with elderly caretakers). 60% are girls and 40% are boys between the ages of 7-18 years. Upon completion of primary school, they will be supported to secondary school or vocational training college depending on their pass levels. The basic education will enable them to find jobs, or access to university or self-employment as basic artisans.


The cost per child for one year is 300 USD which covers, health insurance, school uniform, shoes, school bags, books, and stationery. The cost per year for all 100 children is 30,000 USD per year. The project is continuous from primary level to advance level and the support will be done every year.

The school needs will be distributed on January when they start the new term. The actual budget has been prepared in collaboration with the teachers in 10 schools in Temeke and Kigamboni, the district officials and the parents and children. In evaluating the project, all donors will be invited to join the evaluating team every two years to assess the progress. Reports will be shared to all donors on our website every two year.


Facebook: Ekama Development Tanzania, Twitter: @ekamatanzania,

Instagram: ekamafoundation,Web:

Email: [email protected]; [email protected]


Ekama Development Foundation is an NGO registered under the laws of Tanzania which started operating in 2009 and was officially registered in 2013.

Ekama Development Foundation is an NGO registered under the laws of Tanzania which started operating in 2009 and was officially registered in 2013.


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