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This fundraising campaign is to support the growing number of families displaced due to massive fighting and airstrikes on their villages. Civil war clashes between the Arakan Army and the Myanmar National Army in Rakhine State which began in 2018, have escalated and impacted the lives of both Arakanese people and Chin ethnic people, with many innocent civilians being killed or wounded. As a result of the conflict, residents of Ann Township in Rakhine State have been forced to abandon their houses and properties. They’re now camped at two different locations north of Yangon - Myaungtagar village, Hmawbi Township, and Watinnpauk village, Hlegu Township.

All have lost their farms, their houses, their properties and animals. The additional threat of the Covid 19 virus, is especially of concern for a considerable number of IDPs, living under long bamboo shelters with a space of only 10 x 10 feet per family. Some families have 5-9 members living together within this small shared space.

Therefore, funds raised from this campaign will support basic human needs such as food items, shelter, health care, education and security. We aim to build simple bamboo houses to house the families that are currently in such cramped conditions. The cost of one set of a small house for a family costs US$200. Regarding food, in Myanmar, one large sack of rice costs US$30 at the local markets. Therefore, we will need US$11,100 to supply one sack of rice each to 370 IDP families. We also plan to supply them with noodles, cooking oil, potatoes, onions, dried fish, yellow beans, salt, face masks, hand gels, and so on. We also need school aids (school bags, stationery etc.) for the schooling students.

Urgent Needs:

1. Food items: Rice, cooking ingredients.

2. Shelters: Out of 370 families, 105 families at the Hlegu IDP camp do not have any separate dwelling.

3. Water and Sanitation: There is an urgent need of a clean water supply to prevent sickness.

4. Toilets: Toilets are required to ensure satisfactory health conditions.

5. Educational support (stationery, school bags, tuition fees): It is noted also that the schooling children are in urgent need of sponsorships for their studies as the parents are not able to support them due to lack of financial resources.

6. Health Care: As the families are currently living with poor water and sanitation systems, proper health care is crucial for these communities.

Lists of IDP Families: (as of August 2020)

A total of 1212 persons (585 males and 627 females of 370 families) are now camped at two locations. As the political condition in Rakhine State worsens, more families are fleeing to these camps.

Watinnpauk Camp

Chin IDPs

Total families: 50

Males: 72

Females: 106

Total: 178

Schooling Students:

Primary School: Boys: 15, Girls: 17

Middle School: Boys: 10, Girls: 11

High School: Boys: 4, Girls: 6

Total: 63

Mro-Khimi IDPs

Families: 271

Male: 450

Females: 460

Total: 910

Schooling Students:

Primary School: Boys: 89, Girls: 82

Middle School: Boys: 40, Girls: 46

High School: Boys:17, Girls: 18

Total: 292

Myaungtagar Camp

Mro-Khimi IDPs

Total families: 49

Male: 63

Females: 61

Total: 124

Schooling Students:

Primary School: Boys: 12, Girls: 13

Middle School: Boys: 7, Girls: 13

High School: Girls: 1

Total: 46

Brief Information on IDP support:

It is reported the IDPs have not received any official support from the Government. They did receive some food relief from combined local community and church based organizations, however, this support could not give any long term food security; it was only enough for 15 days, depending on the number of family members.

Please kindly help us bring hope to the voiceless community of Internally Displaced Persons in Myanmar by clicking the link to contribute, and sharing this page. Your even small donation can make a significant difference to their lives by providing a foundation as they rebuild their future. It is guaranteed that 100% of the money raised will go directly to supporting the stated needs of these people, administered by our team in Yangon.

We sincerely thank you for your kind support.


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raised of $34,900.00 goal
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No more donations are being accepted at this time. Please contact the campaign owner if you would like to discuss further funding opportunities