Project for Summer intensives and Hip Surgery

Update posted by Loganmakis On Apr 16, 2013

Today is the big day y'all!! so grateful to everyone who has helped me prepare and fund the surgery. ill be telling everyone what happens as soon as I can and wish me luck. Can't wait till I am able to dance for you all soon as possible.

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Update posted by Loganmakis On Mar 21, 2013

Hey everyone! Over these next 10 days I will be promoting this as much as possible and hope y'all will as well. I love all the support and would apprieciate people sharing this as much as possible over facebook or email!! This project has created a community and in ten days when its all said and done, I will reveal a surprise bonus for everyone who has donated! I want to clarify that even if the full 100 percent isn't reached I am still touched by all the love and kindness I have been shown.

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Update posted by Loganmakis On Mar 15, 2013
Hey, everyone! I just wanted to start off by saying how thankful I am to all those who have contributed to and have shared my project! Your support is such a blessing, and I couldn’t be happier with all that has come from this. I am updating today because a date for my hip surgery has been set. It is going to be one month from tomorrow: the 16th of April. If all goes according to plan, this should mean that I will be able to go to the summer intensive in Tampa or at least part of it. Any extra help these next two weeks to push toward my final goal is so appreciated. Sharing this link is so helpful in and of itself, and getting it to people who can donate is all that I ask. Again, thank you so much. This experience has been at the same time so humbling and encouraging. I cannot wait to give back as much as I can after I’ve healed.

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Update posted by Loganmakis On Mar 02, 2013

I am so thankful to everyone who has commited money to my cause over the past few days! The joy it brings me is indescribable, and your support and love is more than I could have ever asked for!!

On that same note several people have asked me if they can just give me a few dollars in person or have told me that they want to give but can't give a lot. GOGetFunding allows any size donation at or above 1 dollar. Every little bit helps!! thanks again to everyone who has shared this or has donated!! I am so humbled by your graciousness. 

With Love,

Logan Makis.

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Update posted by Loganmakis On Feb 25, 2013

hey everyone I am sorry to hear that the site is hard to work with in terms of providing a donation! below are some good ways to get as little trouble as possible when dealing with the site Smile


when typing in the amount you give use just the number with the cents value (example is 10.00 for ten dollars rather than $10.)

make sure no matter the amount donated you still check a box saying which reward level you will receive.

whether you are paying with a credit card or through paypal still click on the orange button that says check out with paypal. it will give you an option to join which you can decline. 

from there on just make sure the information is entered properly for your name and basic information. The site can be a little glitchy which I've read!


thank you for your patience!!!!

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Donate $10.00 Or More

This donation can be made by anyone as an investment in my future as a dancer. I will be providing consistent updates on my life at the Florida ballet intensives I'll be attending, and this level will keep you informed.

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Donate $25.00 Or More

With a donation of $25 you will be able to attend a class with me at the studio that changed my life, Denver Academy of Ballet, in whatever level of difficulty you choose. In addition to the 10 dollar benefits

12 Backers

Donate $100.00 Or More

For 100 dollars, you'll receive all benefits from the lower levels of donation as well as a DVD of the final performance from the summer intensive I'll be attending in Tampa. You'll see lots of ballet's rising stars!

8 Backers

Donate $500.00 Or More

For 500 dollars you will receive free tickets to the Denver Academy of Ballet spring show as well as a free dinner with the performers afterwards.

0 Backers

Donate $1000.00 Or More

for 1000 dollars you will receive tickets to The Nutcracker in the city where you live as well as a dinner out. If that means Colorado Ballet I will accompany you!

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Good Luck Logan ....

Mark Pultorak

Backed with $300.00 On Mar 31, 2013



Backed On Mar 30, 2013 Amount Hidden


What an inspiring story. It is wonderful that you have found your passion. You have the inner strength and maturity of someone twice your age. I wish you all the success you can handle. As a lover of dance I really enjoyed your video. Best of luck with surgery and have fun in Florida.

Cindy Garde

Backed with $100.00 On Mar 29, 2013



Backed with $20.00 On Mar 28, 2013


Thank you Logan for reminding me that dreams are meant to come true !


Backed with $50.00 On Mar 28, 2013



Backed On Mar 28, 2013 Amount Hidden


It is a pleasure to help. You are a great person. Love to you from us.

vel and grand dad

Backed with $100.00 On Mar 27, 2013


Continue radiating your light into the world through your movement and your strength. You are so impressive and inspiring, Logan! Thank you for being you.


Backed with $15.00 On Mar 26, 2013


Terry Nugent

Backed with $40.00 On Mar 26, 2013


Logan, I work with your mom. Best wishes to you for a speedy recovery and a long, successful dance carrer! Mary Kay

Mary Kay Raab

Backed with $100.00 On Mar 26, 2013

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