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Do Me a Favor (Well, Not Really Me)
Help me volunteer in South Africa for a yearI find it hard asking someone to make a donation. I guess. . . . .
8 Donors
$11,630 raised
232% funded
Post-Crash Kitchen Relief for Wadsworth School
Show your love for the place that has given you food, drink, space to learn, time to expand your brain,
11 Donors
$377 raised
116% funded
Keep a Roof Over My Head
Due to recent issues in the banking world, my previous employer (a bank) forced me to resign (with a promised. . . . .
20 Donors
$1,390 raised
106% funded
A Place to Heal
I have found myself divorsed with no car, living in a very run down old mobilbe home. I suffer with. . . . .
9 Donors
$575 raised
104% funded
Hay Drive for Rare Morgan Horses
HELP RARE LIPPITT MORGAN HORSES STAY IN THEIR HOME   Please help us purchase hay for 9 pure Lippitt Morgan. . . . .
45 Donors
$1,871 raised
103% funded
Help me pay back rent and stave off eviction.
Hi to those reading this! Not sure how to start, so I'm just going to jump right in. I am. . . . .
14 Donors
$775 raised
103% funded
Cason's move out of LA
It's time to start a new path in life. I am needing funds to help move to Colorado Springs where. . . . .
13 Donors
$2,010 raised
100% funded
My Birthday Present
Please donate towards my birthday present! I really want an underwater camera case for my Sony RX-1 camera.
3 Donors
$150 raised
100% funded
Passion Conference 2016!
9 Donors
$500 raised
100% funded
short on rent, help?
I am currently out of work and bills are coming in, but not money. I have rent due and I
8 Donors
$375 raised
100% funded
Prevent eviction & car repossession
Happy holidays everyone. I know this is a tough time of year to help those in need outside of friends. . . . .
27 Donors
$975 raised
100% funded
Homeless prevention, please help
Today I was told by landlord that they have put my house up for sale and I have to prepare. . . . .
20 Donors
$2,500 raised
100% funded

Success Stories

Replace Journalist’s Stolen Equipment

Jeff, a brave journalist, had his kit stolen when he was working documenting violent protests. He turned to crowdfunding to help him replace his equipment and continue working.

38 donors raised ZAR22,500

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My Hero

An amazing 70-year-old paraplegic wanted to buy a mobility scooter to give himself a better quality of life. Loved ones fundraised to help improve his life and give him the freedom he deserved.

20 donors raised ZAR27,200

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Shop ’Til We Drop

When David had a traumatic surgery for a brain tumour, he faced a long road to recovery. 8 of his friends did a sponsored 500 mile cycle to help Dave and his family financially.

754 donnors raised £24,423

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Fundraiser for Mark Bush

Mark suffers from MS and needed financial assistance to get the treatment. With the help of GoGetFunding and his loved ones, he was able to access the help he needed.

145 donors raised £12,867

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Becci Dadswell

When Becci passed away, her friend set up a campaign to help her husband, newborn baby, and her step children. The campaign was an amazing 1881%, helping her family through this tough time.

396 donors raised £9,405.00

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Help Bring Hana Back Home…

After a traumatic legal battle and travel ban separated a mother and a young child, the grandfather stepped in to help. His campaign allowed him to fight for justice and bring his family home.

1,244 donors raised SG$35,759

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Project β

GoGetFunding helped one individual to write and publish their second book, detailing people’s personal stories with readers and the author collaborating together.

288 donors raised HK$77,026

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Fundraiser for Chris Stump

While saving a child from a serious fall, Chris himself fell and seriously injured his feet. Chris needed multiple surgeries and treatments, and was uninsured. His campaign helped get him the care he needed.

105 donors raised US$19,205

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