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Meet Yunni. She's a lucky girl. But it didn't start out that way. She's hoping luck and compassion are still on her side.

This poor girl was left in the bush to fend for herself or be killed by bear or lynx. She's had a litter of pups already, and based on her reactions to people and animals, she’s been beaten. She's barely a year old, had never been in a house, and was afraid of her own shadow. She’s had no exposure to anything--people, animals, lakes, rivers, cars and especially--love and compassion.

Then she met Andrea. It would have been her last day at the shelter as euthanasia was slated for the next morning. Andrea had been trying to mend her broken heart. She’s no stranger to pain and suffering having nursed her previous Rotties through cancer and heartbreak. In the last three years, she lost Jane to bone cancer, then found Bentley, who helped her move forward. Sadly, last spring she lost Bentley after a brief, intensive battle with another cancer. Friends tried to connect Andrea with a puppy--a new life, free of issues, at the humane society. Knowing the puppy would find a new home, she politely declined.

Yunni appeared in the lost pet column. After a week, nobody came. She seemed healthy but lacked socializing and was dog aggressive. Andrea offered to help socialize her for adoption.

Andrea made room in her home and heart for this little black dog who only needed a chance--plus a lot of patience and understanding. Without Andrea, Yunni would have had no future. It wasn't long before Andrea realized something was wrong: a total lack of strength and support in her rear legs and ensuing pain were contributing factors to her poor temperament.

Early each day, Andrea took Yunni for controlled walks away from traffic, people and other dogs, hoping to build leg muscle. Trying non-invasive painkillers didn't help so she opted for stronger means. Then they made a visit to Ontario Veterinary College--a day’s drive away.

The results? Severe hip dysplasia in both hips! No wonder she had a low tolerance to things invading her world. The pain of having puppies must have been excruciating! (Yunni's photo gallery shows the standard signs of hip dysplasia and lack of muscle: sitting to the side, legs extended behind rather than pulled up and sitting to eat.)

Many others would have given up on Yunni, but not Andrea.

Andrea is a hero in the community of dog owners fighting cancer in their pets. She nursed her Rottie Jane through osteosarcoma without surgery, chemo or radiation. Instead, she turned to research, ongoing correspondence with research scientists, an extensive protocol of supplements and feedings—plus sleepless nights. Miraculously, Jane survived and thrived, living with bone cancer for more than two years giving hope to many pet owners--and the research scientists too!

So when Andrea says her options have been exhausted, she means it. Light exercise and pain management is not working. However, all is not lost. Yunni's socializing skills with her canine sibling are impressive, as well as controlled play with other dogs. (Photos show her going from being segregated to sharing a dog bed with brother Bentley.) One step at a time Yunni's life is changing in a positive way thanks to Andrea.

Yunni's team--her Wonderful Vet, Andrea and her Orthopedic Surgical Team--have weighed all the options. She is an excellent candidate for a total hip replacement of her left hip. With her young age and regrowth abilities, this surgery is the best solution to giving Yunni quality of life, free of pain. It's invasive, not chosen lightly. A single hip replacement will give Yunni the mobility she deserves. The alternative of using heavy painkillers will put her liver and kidneys into failure causing death.

With a six-month recovery period and Andrea's proven care, it is expected to provide the strength and support to supplement her other hip for her lifetime.

THE COST: $8,000-$10,000

Andrea is not one to ask for help BUT she is always the first to respond to others in distress when their dogs have received a cancer diagnosis. As moderator for an online support group for cancer dogs, there have been countless times over the years, even with a bereaved heart, when she has stepped up with advice, explanations, information, research and support to help others wage battles for their pets. Andrea continues to step up to fundraise for the Timmins District Humane Society although she and Yunni are in need.

If you can’t donate, please share this campaign with others who might be able to help. Visit her Facebook page too where you can learn about Yunni -- PLUS what everyone can do to add health and happiness to the lives of their dogs.
No donation or effort is too small!

When a dog like Yunni is given a chance, it's not only the dog that benefits. MEDICAL STAFF, FAMILY MEMBERS, CHILDREN and BREEDERS learn from the treatment, procedure, recovery and the compassion of others.

If Yunni’s goal is exceeded, those monies will go to the Timmins District Humane Society to help the next shelter dog needing medical help.

Today it's one little black dog in a tutu......tomorrow it's a legacy for many others!


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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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