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Hola a todos - Hello everybody

Whoever this message reaches:
It's a pleasure to greet you, my name is Christian Abanto, I am 23 years old and I am from Lima, Peru. It is the first time that I use this platform, I am not very good at telling stories or reaching people but I will still do my best to tell our story, mine and my little ones of course and because this figure could seem a lot to some , but it is not .

In the first photo you can see my family of Pugs, from upper left to lower right: "Mika" is the one who wears pink and black, she is the mother of the pack, she is 10 years old and 7 months, she is quite a fighter, she has been like my daughter for a decade and since she came to the house my life changed forever.

Originally she was a gift for my younger siblings, but they, being mentally disabled, didn't pay much attention to her, so ... I stayed with her from the beginning, under her in pink and purple is 7 year and 10 months old "Xue" she is Mika's eldest daughter, belongs to her first litter, in the center is "Mako", Mika's companion and father of the herd, aged 9 years and 10 months, he is very anxious and very gentle. In the upper right corner of black with red is "Jun" of 7 years and 10 months, he is the first-born of all the litters, we stayed with the 2 siblings and gave the others up for adoption responsibly, in the lower corner of pink and celeste is my little "Yang" of 7 years and 3 months, the oldest of the second and last litter of Mika, she is very eaten, playful and friendly.

For years we complied with giving them all the love we could, complying with their vaccines and basic care, but as I was a minor and then studying, my father gave me the favor of supporting them financially until I could take care of it, however bad Economic situation in recent years in my family and in my country in general frustrated any attempt to give them a better quality of life, I always resorted to the cheapest veterinarians and the simplest means, something that stressed me a lot because I knew that they deserve a lot more.
2 months ago in July my father and the only financial support for the family due to the difficult situation, he died of covid-19, he and my aunt died, leaving me, my older sister, my 2 younger brothers and our mother in charge of Everything, only me and my sister can work since my mother is elderly and my brothers autistic, but due to the strict quarantine that my country passed between March and June, we could not find even better employment and we had to stop studying as well .

They are already elderly dogs so they need a great sustenance, good quality food, medicine and constant check-ups that I simply cannot cover, it is not as easy as giving them up for adoption or taking them to a shelter, they are my life and I have given my best years by their side, I never really knew how to love something in my life until I had them.
1 month ago Yang was operated on for a benign tumor on her left leg, through a loan of thousands of dollars I was able to pay for everyone's treatment since, along with people's diseases, we also suffered a flea epidemic that caused anemia To the whole herd, in total I earned a debt of more than 10,000 dollars that I cannot pay now or in a year or two, among many other reasons I have to ask for the help of any good human being that I can. I cannot abandon them, I cannot lose them, everything is by and for them.
Here is the other half of the family:

They are Lucy (the one with blue eyes) and Morticia with yellow eyes (we call her "Mota" of affection)

They are: Manjar, the big yellow with white, Mars (the little tiger above Manjar) and Lancelot the little one in black with white, the latter is rescued and has not yet been sterilized.

My beautiful cats: At first there were 6, in the last photo you can see: Tiger and Lucy

"Tiger" was the father of the whole herd of cats, he was my first cat, he was a great hunter, a very adventurous cat and a very devoted father, he loved his children and the pack of pugs more than anything, he was born in 09 February 2017 and for 42 months he was my best friend and partner, next to him is "Lucy" she born on February 12, 2017, his lifelong partner.
Despite taking special care of him due to his constant leaks and even being sterilized, Tigre contracted leukemia and feline mycoplasma, in mid-June of this 2020 he began to lose weight and in a matter of weeks he died, I could not finish paying for all his treatment since simultaneously we were battling with my father and my aunt, both hospitalized, we were running out of every penny we had, until finally Tiger passed away on July 28th.

Having leukemia, which is very contagious between cats, Tiger infected his son "Mars" of 2 years and 6 months since he always lived with him and was his favorite offspring.

Being positive for feline leukemia, he can no longer live with his family, he cannot go out for a walk and he cannot be exposed for long for obvious reasons, his health is stable only temporarily since he has already suffered 3 minor infections in 2 months since Tiger passed away.

Complying with the strict diet of vitamins and treatments that Mars needs and will need for the rest of his life is a challenge that at the moment I cannot maintain, it breaks my heart to have him isolated from almost everything but it is the best thing for his health. All my cats between June and July suffered mycoplasma but fortunately they were able to recover and with the exception of Mars, all are negative for leukemia or feline AIDS (as well as the Pugs, all this happened even though they had their vaccinations up to date).

For these and many other reasons and anecdotes that I will tell more and more later, these 10 little ones need help, I and my family cannot alone, it took us 1 month to fully recover from the Covid and we have thousands of dollars in debt so much for what I spend with pets as with our own health, for now we survive thanks to a small income in the house that we mostly rent to get ahead with what little we can, but it will not last long, to whom this message reaches my words will not be enough to Thank you for any support you could give us, you are my only hope and I will be updating this with good progress, I thank you in advance for your time and your donations.

Blessings to all and thank you very much.


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