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Greema is a 36-year-old mom with 2 kids, a 16-year-old daughter (Francine), and a 7-year-old son (Francis). A loving partner, a caring daughter, and a sister to her family.

September of 2020, Greema noticed that there was a corn-like lump on her left breast. Too afraid to know what it was, she kept it for herself and did not tell her family. Later did she know, the lump grows bigger for a noticeably short amount of time. February of 2021, she cannot bear the excruciating back pains. She told her partner about her situation and asked not to tell her parents. Greema’s parents are old, and she was afraid of how will they accept the news. Greema and her partner then decided to see a doctor for a check-up. The doctor advised her to undergo an operation and remove the lump. But due to lack of money and the current situation on hospitals with this Covid19 she opts for an herbal doctor.

April of 2021, we, her friends encourage her to see a specialist so we will know the status of her lump and the cure. She honestly told us that there are a lot of things running on her mind. She does not have money to see a specialist let alone gone thru this process, she is afraid to go to the hospital because of Covid19, she is afraid of what will happen to her, she is afraid for her 2 kids, her partner, and her parents, she is afraid of almost everything but thank God, she then decided to give it a go.

Request for core needle biopsy and CT scan chest with contrast has been made. Her father borrowed money from his employer so she can have the test asap. And the sad news she was very afraid about, the result shows “STAGE 3 Breast Cancer” while they saw something on her left backbone. Her oncologists advised chemotherapy first prior to an operation since they saw a small lump forming on her armpit. They will perform at least 6 sessions of chemotherapy before the operation and will continue after the operation. We really do not know yet as to how much costs for all of this. Her family cannot afford all these procedures, they are already in debt for the initial test done.

We would like to appeal to your kind hearts to help our Greema with her medical expenses. So, she can live longer for her family.

Any amount you will donate would be greatly appreciated. All funds raised will go directly to Greema’s medical cost and other related expenses.

You can directly deposit your donations to the bank account numbers below:


Account Name: Charlyn B.

Account Number: 09267691300


Account name: Erica Christine Franconas

Account number: 109420901394

You can send me a message at +639959118998

if you want to confirm your donation through bank transfer.

On behalf of Greema, her family, and her friends, we appreciate your prayers, love, and support. Thank you very much and may God bless us all. Let us all keep safe always!

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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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