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Update posted by Elsabe Merwe On Jul 21, 2019

Loss is horrible. Grief is difficult. Hope and healing is possible ❤️

This touching 4-part video series about Cecile and the children's grief journey was made by our talented friends at The Media Oaks


Please support Cecile in meeting all their ongoing expenses as she continues to work at replacing Andries' income for her family while being full time single mom to 4.

We sure were not meant to do this alone but One thing is certain, God has not dropped us yet.

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Update posted by Elsabe Merwe On Nov 25, 2016

Cecile writes:

Dear friends and family 25 Nov 2016

You are receiving this newsletter because at some point during the past two years you have supported us; through prayer, friendship, practical help or financially. Throughout the most difficult and traumatic time of our lives God has used YOU to show us how He cares and provides for the widow and the orphan.

During Andries’ illness and death I cried out to God through Psalm 6: “I am worn out from sobbing. All night I flood my bed with weeping, drenching it with my tears. My vision is blurred by grief; my eyes are worn out because of all my enemies.”

...and He reassured me through Isaiah 43: “...Don’t be afraid, I’ve redeemed you. I’ve called your name. You’re mine. When you’re in over your head, I’ll be there with you. When you’re in rough waters, you will not go down. When you’re between a rock and a hard place, it won’t be a dead end— Because I am GOD, your personal God, The Holy of Israel, your Savior..."

God has kept his promise. Since Andries passed away in June 2015 God has provided for all our needs, including our expenses that were covered every month through your donations, practical assistance and sponsorships.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Our Recovery Process

The children and I received bereavement counselling, play therapy and grief coaching allowing us to process our loss in many different and healthy ways. The girls participated in 2 professional theatre productions, which gave them something to get up for and look forward to. They also did horseriding and occupational therapy, both proving very therapeutic. Overall they are doing well and their teachers say they are emotionally mature and well adjusted.

Of course the reality of life without their father still hits them hard every so often but then we cry and remember him together. We love to talk about Andries and have found it very healing to share about him in joy and in sadness. The Louw family have also been incredible pillars of support and I thank God for the wonderful extended family he blessed us with.

Many days I wish I could just stay in bed and write, read, pray and cry…but 3 kids and a baby have needed my care. This has been very challenging some days, but a blessing on others as it forced me not to stagnate on the loss. Our little boy Nuach is the apple of our eye and lifts our spirits every day. Where I once agonised “God why give me a baby NOW?!?!” I now praise God that He knew what I would need before I had any idea!!

The Way Forward

Whilst I have done some freelance work here and there, God made it clear to me that my focus must be my children’s emotional healing, my grief journey, and our household for two years after my husband's death. So, next year I will begin to work again. I am praying about opening a studio to paint, teach art, offer art counselling and eventually grief coaching to others going through loss and grief.

I have also been awarded a bursary to be trained as a Proud2BMe facilitator, teaching parenting and social responsibility workshops to needy communities. The organisation and their sterling work was something Andries and I became passionate about many years ago and I'm very excited about this opportunity!


My mom Susan has already moved from Zimbabwe to Durbanville and God has provided for the kids and I to move into a house on her property. And so a new chapter begins for us, full of promise and life. We are so grateful for this and look forward to being together to support one another.

I will send another newsletter later next year to bring you up to speed as to how we have settled in (do let me know if you would like to pop in for a visit!!). You are also welcome to keep up with us at “Louw Family Support” on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/637792539681789/


Packing up and sorting through 15 years of our life, decluttering, simplifying and going through Andries belongings.

Having everything done and ready for the move in 2 weeks

The girls to settle into their new schools and adjust well

Andiswa’s adoption process to be finalised…this has been a journey of many years

For God to open the right doors for me for income and employment.

For us as a family to continue depending on God alone as our Provider and grow closer to Him and one another

That every one who has supported us be blessed for being a blessing !!

Financial Support:

Should you feel lead to support us financially, we will utilise funds to cover our move, to cover the cost of the private social worker’s fees for the adoption process, to pay new school fees, buy stationary and uniforms and get us through the first few months of 2017 till I can start earning an income.

Thanks to all our international friends who have also supported us through the GoGetFunding online campaign here at https://gogetfunding.com/louw-family-support/.

This campaign is still active and can receive donations.

SA Bank details:

Cecilia Louw,

Standard Bank,

PureSave Account

Acc nr: 023 469 196,

Branch: Greenstone

Read online:

Louw Family Support newsletter Nov 2016

Our only family photo with Andries and baby Nuach (2months). This was taken in hospital on his 46th birthday, 2 weeks before his death.

Our only family photo with Andries and baby Nuach (2months).
This was taken in hospital on his 46th birthday, 2 weeks before his death.

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Update posted by Elsabe Merwe On Jul 08, 2015

From Cecile: It breaks my heart to share that my precious,wonderful, darling husband Andries has been received into the loving arms of his Heavenly Father on the afternoon of the 27th of June. What a wonderful, amazing man. What a patient, loving, devoted father. What a privilege to have been married to this unique human, a man of God, of absolute unwavering integrity and devotion for 12 years.

He loved and lived with depth and honesty; challenging the status quo, standing up for the oppressed, building bridges of reconciliation, passionate about social justice and the rights of those overlooked by the rest of us. Full of empathy, patience, love, understanding, healthy challenging debate, honest broken questioning Christianity and truly an everyman's theologian of a real Jesus.

We love and love and love Andries and God stays good in times of turmoil and pain and holds us in His hands. We will miss Andries so so so so so so so so bitterly, his presence in our lives will remain and guide us forever and I rejoice that he is now a member of the cloud of witnesses encouraging us to run the race till the beautiful end.

Welcome to everyone who has journeyed with us thus far and all new supporters, family and friends.Thanks for still wrapping us in your prayers and love as you have done throughout the past 6 months. We welcome and need all your support! We will regularly post progress, updates and prayer requests to the Louw Family News group on Facebook so please feel free to participate and keep up to date (https://www.facebook.com/groups/637792539681789/?f...)

I feel a huge gaping hole. Every muscle aches. Nothing makes sense right now. The world is confusing me. My brain feels scrambled. I am not ok and that is ok, and right now we are not ok and that is also ok, and at some point it will all be ok.

Please, please pray for my precious, precious children. My son, oh, my precious baby boy just 2 months old. My darling daughters who have not had their daddy for so many months.

May God bless you!

Love Cecile and the Louw family

Fundraising Goal

As Cecile adjusts to life with her four children, without Andries, there are many challenges that lie ahead of this family. One of these challenges is financial, as Andries was the family's main breadwinner. There are also some outstanding medical bills from Andries' care these past 6 months that need to be settled, as well as funeral costs.

In order to assist with this and the family's ongoing household and living expenses, we are looking to raise a total of about R30 000 (US$2500) for them monthly (US$30 000 for the year), as they bravely navigate an uncertain future.

A Brief History

Andries had been appointed Missiology Lecturer at the Murray Theological College on Morgenster, Zimbabwe but just before we left in mid-January he suffered a series of massive seizures and was in hospital recovering from a coma and then a further month in ICU, and a further 8 medical establishments and many unanswered questions.

He was diagnosed with a low-grade glioma (brain tumour) for which he was never able to receive the surgery needed due to further complications. He had severe short and medium term memory loss and neurological challenges and was unable to work.

Cecile gave birth to their first son in April without Andries by her side and has been doing her best for their three daughters in this trying and tough time.

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Melanie Richichi

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Lieve Cecile, Eerder heb ik nog geen woorden kunnen vinden om iets passends te zeggen in deze situatie; onvoorstelbaar. Hier een klein gebaar uit Nederland, samen met de allerbeste wensen voor een gezegend en liefdevol 2016, hopelijk voor jullie een rustiger jaar dan het afgelopen jaar. Veel respect voor hoe jij en je familie je staande houden in deze tijden! Sterkte gewenst. Liefs, Johanna

Johanna de Jonge

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Liesel Verster

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Pierre Coetzee

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Jon and Ronelle Crews

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Dearest Cecile, I was truly broken to hear of the loss of your husband, Andries. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your little ones. May you feel loved in your grief. Much love, Kirsten x

Kirsten Hamilton

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Thijs K

Backed with $50.00 On Jul 06, 2015


Ashe lan

Backed with $20.00 On Jul 06, 2015

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