Liv & Fie, Social Distance meets Ultra Distance, Fundraising for Terre Des Homme

Fundraising campaign by Kevin McGeeney
  • CHF1,300.00
    Donated So Far
Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.
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We did it! Six hours in the dark, social distancing & ultra distancing for Terre Des Homme! Thank you for all your support, going back to bed now!



The total amount raised, including the match-funding was CHF2520. The donation has been made to and you can see it on their website, under our fathers name.

Thanks to everyone!!


COVID-19 is making the task for Terre des Homme in already fragile environments much harder. We are all having a bad time, but let's not forget about the children most in need around the world! Click here to see their work TdH Covid 19