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Update posted by Paul Stewart Williamson On Oct 15, 2021

Professor Paul Ewart won his Case for Age Discrimination against the University of Oxford. He was dismissed for being 69. There were No Objective Reasons given by the University. The Professor was re-instated with compensation.

The University appealed - and lost ( a second time ) . So the Oxford legal arguments now
support my Case. My Barrister QC had already said in my Case "No Objective Reasons".

11th November is the gateway Case to gain full permission to proceed for me. Then the
Oxford Case will win for me as well.

Please support fully, and send Justice for Vicars! to all your friends, and ask them to
pass onward to everyone. Thank you.

Your Support is Vital to complete success.

Update posted by Paul Stewart Williamson On Feb 27, 2021

On February 22nd my Solicitor put a list of 140 documents, against the diocese of London, into Court. There will be Requests for further documentation to prove all aspects of Discrimination.

The very recent Supreme Court ruling against Uber provides a perfect platform upon which to rest our Case that clergy do have employment rights and protection under the Equality Act. The June Main Case Hearing will be a watershed!

Meanwhile the terrible vendetta of actions (all dismissed) by the diocese of London has caused me much pain and grief, and has been detrimental to my mental health. A solicitor is looking into a possible Action to include bullying etc.

Your support is a great comfort and blessing

Thank you

Update posted by Paul Stewart Williamson On Dec 04, 2020

Many friends have been marvellous and generous.

The original Target of £50,000 is still needed. The Eviction challenge cost £10,000, and the likely Main Case starting 13th January 2021 will be at least £15,000. There are other costs along the way. The Oxford professor won his Case for Age Discrimination, and was re-instated with compensation. The Judge said there were NO OBJECTIVE REASONS to remove him at 69. This Case is a major precedent - as we expect to win the day for all clergy - as well as for me.


Please do all you can to assist - this is a Landmark Case, of David against Goliath (the Church of England with unlimited finance to attack this Case) - and please encourage all family and friends by forwarding this site to them.

Thank you. God Bless you for your support an generosity.

Update posted by Paul Stewart Williamson On Jun 14, 2020

1989 - 2019 = 30 years at St George’s Hanworth

I am deeply thankful for all the support that you have given me.

The pandemic results in the first (Eviction) Court Case being moved to 14th July, with 3 more Cases to follow. An immense amount of work has been done (and funded) but the outstanding amount is nearly £4000.

Next – the Main Case is now scheduled for January 2020.

This amount (when paid) means that most of the work has been done for all cases. The barrister is to take one case free as he sees it as a matter of justice! There will be attendance costs, and some future Bills.

Your assistance means that together we will succeed. A retired bishop has told me on the telephone recently, as have many priests, that I will succeed. When this happens the benefit will be to all priests. Then I shall demand a Royal Commission on the treatment of priests by bishops and archdeacons.

Please circulate the Justice for Vicars! site details to as many as possible.

There is an USA site as well as a UK site that explains dollar donations.

UK Bank Account: Barclays Bank (Feltham High Street)

Sort Code 20-38-83 Account 20920932 Rev PS Williamson

ALSO: Please see change.org “Discrimination – Justice for Vicars!” – and send, send, send & share with everyone (BOTH!)

Thank you

God Bless

Yours most sincerely


Revd Paul S Williamson


Fr Jonathan Ostman

Backed with $150.00 On Apr 16, 2020


Fr Paul is a man of outstanding courage & talent, vitality, & vision. He has given of himself unstintingly for decades. Age has not impaired him; in any other field of endeavour, such "age-discrimination" would be roundly condemned, & stopped by the courts. So should it be in this case! Not so long ago, London ASKED to keep its seasoned & willing clergy on! It is the blind of heart who want him shut down.

Fr Christopher P. Kelley

Backed with $225.00 On Mar 15, 2020


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