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Update posted by CHANCE Animal Rescue On Apr 26, 2016

So, we've been a bit quiet recently, but now we're up and running (boom boom) once more...

A quick catch up, so we've decided to fundraise as a team this year. Due to a bit of an accident by myself (almost loosing a finger) things didn't quite go as planned prior to the spring Wolfrun. But, even with a splinted finger we made it round the course. It was cold, so so cold. The wind cut straight through us, and despite a few mishaps (cargo nets can be tricky when soaking wet and so cold you can't feel your extremities) we survived.

Now we're looking forward to the summer run, just a few weeks to go... Let's see just how much we can raise this year! And please dig deep, we've made it around one course - and with a broken finger might I add! Only 30k more to do this year!!!!

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Update posted by CHANCE Animal Rescue On Nov 07, 2015

Ok, so today's the day it happens. And despite watching the weather all week I did hold out hope that it might be passable. This morning I awoke to the sound of heavy rain falling. Miserable. My back is still sore, but passable. It's cold. This is not a recipe for an happy run! But I won't let you all down! :-)

Perhaps a few extra pounds are needed as sponsorship? :-P I'm sure one of you were in charge of booking more pleasant weather?

Wish us luck! :-)


Above all have fun, if you’re not having fun anymore put your feet up for a cup of tea & or whiskey instead !!! XxX

Tim Groves

Update posted by Nov 07

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Update posted by CHANCE Animal Rescue On Oct 24, 2015

I overslept this morning. I was supposed to be going for a long run. I woke up at 8.10am, and I had to leave by 8.20am to meet my fellow wolf (Hannah, who's in my Wolfrun team), at 8.30am!

Having rushed out of bed, jumped into my running gear and sorted my dogs out I stepped into the cold morning air... and realised it was raining. Fun!

Whilst driving, and watching the rain hit the windscreen I wondered why the hell I had planned to do this. It's too cold, it's too early AND it's raining... my bed was sooooo warm - why, why, why? Then my phone buzzed, a Facebook notification from the Desperate Dogs page - oh yeah, that's why!

So... this morning myself, and my fellow wolf joined in on our first 5k Parkrun. Something I hadn't heard of before. It's basically a local network of 'race' runs, they have timers and everything, and is completely run by volunteers! Very impressive, and something I think I *should* make a habit of - well up until the Wolfrun, then we'll see!

We decided that we should do a long run as we haven't done one this week and we need to work on our stamina. So we ran from a point further away, to the start of the run, joined in on the run then ran back to our cars.

This is the longest run we've done and comes in at just under 10km. 6.04 miles is 9.720438km according to google, so just short of the 10k mark! Our pace was pretty consistent, and the best thing is that we actually managed it! Wahoo!!! This means that we should be able to do the distance, but... don't forget those obstacles!

The Wolfrun is, of course, an obstacle course. It's also a wild running course - this means offroad, NOT FLAT, full of mud to wade through (particularly for us non-runners who'll be at the back following the churned up path of those who've gone before us!) and trees to dodge, stumps to climb over - the works. The run we did this morning doesn't include any of the obstacles, it was very flat and very well paved!

But let's focus on the good things - we ran almost 10km and we survived. We just have to continue working on stamina, maybe a little on pace, and continue on with the body strength stuff so we can traverse the obstacles without killing ourselves! Another run tomorrow hopefully - a 7km run to a pub for lunch ;) - then on with circuits, boxing and crossfire next week... A busy week. But it will be worth it, I hope!

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Update posted by CHANCE Animal Rescue On Oct 23, 2015

So... Just to give everyone an idea of why this is so important. Below you can see the costs associated with the rescue of these dogs, one dog costs (on average) 91 Euros (that's around 65) to get to a rehomable condition. Remember that one cost doesn't include neutering or ongoing costs such as food costs and all the other little bits and pieces like continued fleaing/worming etc!

That's just the basic amount.

Lets do a little more 'back of a fag packet' maths.

If a dog finds a home within a week or two of being rescued, then it is two months before they are ready to travel (vaccinations/passports etc to come into effect). Lets assume they are puppies (that's a more realistic scenario - we all know small breed puppies get homed quicker than older dogs!). That's at least 15 Euros a month to feed, so that's 42ish Euros for the 10 weeks turn around for food. Include the monthly parasite treatments, that amounts to about 42ish Euros for a small breed puppy over 10 weeks, then add parasite treatments for pens, other consumables like toys, blankets, training treats, leads and harnesses/collars, cleaning products (we all know puppies make one hell of a mess) - let's guestimate another 10 Euros a month per dog, 25 Euros for the 10 week period they are in foster care.

So we're up to 109 Euros for the 10 week husbandry costs. Add in the initial outlay for vaccinations, vet checks and passport - that take's us to 200 Euros (OK, that turned out rather neater than I thought!).

But that's not it, let's consider neutering. A female small breed dog is likely to cost around 205 Euros. So we'll add the 200 Euros to the 205 Euros - that's 405 Euros. In pounds that's 290.

So it's 290 to get a small breed puppy from the streets to the state where it can then be transported to it's new home.

Remember - That's assuming they are in a reasonable state of health and haven't got any injuries or health problems which need to be addressed. It also assumes they get a home with 10 weeks and are ready to travel. Otherwise each additional month with costs 40 Euros for running care costs - about 30! After a year vaccinations roll around again.

This estimate is conservative of course. And now you can see why this money is so important. In theory my 700 sponsorship could only home 2.5 small breed puppies, or un-neutered 3.5 puppies. It's only a drop in the ocean, but every little helps!

Please sponsor me!

Puppy food:

Small size 0-10 kilos

  • Daily amount/costs 390g/59cents
  • Weekly amount/costs 2,730g/4.48?
  • Monthly amount/costs 10,920g/16.39?
Medium size 10-25 kilos

  • Daily amount/costs 500g/74cents
  • Weekly amount/costs 3,550g/5.21?
  • Monthly amount/costs 14,000g/20.86?
Large 25-40 kilos

  • Daily amount/costs 740g/1.10?
  • Weekly amount/costs 5,180g/7.45?
  • Monthly amount/costs 20,720g/30.66?

Adult food


  • Daily amount/costs 250g/16c
  • Weekly amount/costs 1,750g/1.28?
  • Monthly amount/costs 7,000g/4.48?

  • Daily amount/costs 460g/32c
  • Weekly amount/costs 3,220g/1.92?
  • Monthly amount/costs 12,880g/8.32?

  • Daily amount/costs 790g/50c
  • Weekly amount/costs 5,530g/3.52?
  • Monthly amount/costs 22,120g/14.08?

Monthly parasite treatments

Pens - Acaritron - 16.00?

Dogs -advocate spot on

  • Small - 14.70?
  • Medium - 15.70?
  • Large - 16.50?

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Update posted by CHANCE Animal Rescue On Oct 22, 2015

So today, me and a team mate did a short run as part of our training. It was supposed to be longer but some permanently red traffic lights mean't we didn't get to our starting point early enough for our full route. But still, almost two miles (that's just over 3km) in 20mins wasn't too bad. We're speeding up! Reckon we would have been faster if the traffic hadn't made crossing busy roads take longer than necessary!

Don't like how cold and dark it's become recently!

Straight after our run we enjoyed a 45 minute boxing class (good for the cardio and building upper body strength).

It's always a lot more gruelling than I expect, and really does get your heart beating! Especially after a couple of weeks of illness!

Right so we've just got to do that run x3 (and a bit) over rough wild and muddy terrain (not a nice flat pavement or park), with a whole host of mad obstacles to traverse!

What have I let myself in for?

All for the dogs (and cats)!

Cat xxx

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Update posted by CHANCE Animal Rescue On Oct 21, 2015

Just seen these lovely images of last years Winter Wolfrun... What have I let myself in for!

Note to self: MUST REMEMBER - it's for a good cause!

Dig deep guys - looks like I'll be doing more digging myself out than running at the Wolfrun!

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Bet you all did great! x

Donna Cavill

Backed with £10.00 On Nov 08, 2015


Good Luck Christina

kim Ursell

Backed with £20.00 On Nov 07, 2015


Massive thanks Karen and David! So good! Love you all. Xxx

CHANCE Animal Rescue

Posted On Nov 07, 2015


Good luck Cat!

Karen Lloyd

Backed with £5.00 On Nov 07, 2015


Gd luck and enjoy! Looks fun gd thing I ain't doing it I'd collapse in the first 10meters lol

David Groves

Backed with £30.00 On Nov 07, 2015


Run baby run :-)

Tim Groves

Backed with £20.00 On Nov 07, 2015


Thanks so much Vicky! That’s really kind! :) xxxx

CHANCE Animal Rescue

Posted On Nov 06, 2015


Good luck for tomorrow Cat and Co. xx

Vicky Skuse

Backed with £20.00 On Nov 06, 2015


Thanks Kati!! Much appreciated! :) xx

CHANCE Animal Rescue

Posted On Nov 05, 2015


Go christinaaaa!!! Not long left everybody...any little bit helps! :)

Kati Johnson

Backed with £10.00 On Nov 04, 2015

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