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Nomtha and Lulu deserve a home too. Help them to find comfort and security by donating funds towards a Wendy House / Log Cabin.

***Campaign initiated by Nicci Proome***

Nicci Proome has saved just enough to purchase land for this family. Now she is reaching out to the community to help raise funds to build them a Wendy House / Log Cabin.


Over the last few days our plan has changed a little. So, Nomtha confirms that her land is actually 15k and not 6k! This means that we are now frantically scrambling to get to the total before the 26th of MArch (help?). BUT - the good news is that Nomtha's cousin has donated 7k, which means that we are now down to the final 2k for the land . House-wise, Nicci was able to strike a deal on a second-hand dwelling for only 16k - which brings our overall target down!! It's a stunning little house (see picture below). We just need to find someone to re-erect and transport it to the new land (anyone?)

Here's a picture of the land:

Any donation you make will be used to give permanent shelter to Nomtha and Lulu.

Content edited by Copywriter Amie Harms

Potential home for Nomtha and Lulu!!!!

Letter from Nicci:

Nomtha has been my God-sent angel since the pregnancy of my first child. I have known her for almost a decade and I can vouch for her honesty, kindness, will to create a deserving living for her and her child.

After my domestic helper suddenly passed away from TB, I was left without childcare and assistance prior to the birth of my daughter. This is when NOMTHA miraculously arrived at my doorstep. To this day I, have no clue who sent her, where she came from or how she knew that I needed her.

"I had terrible postnatal depression and she carried me through it all. She has always referred to me as a sister and to my daughter as her daughter. We have supported each other through thick and thin."

I will never forget the day Nomtha found out she was pregnant. She had been waiting for her miracle child (Lulu) for 10 years! Devastatingly, at her 4-month check-up, the clinic sister told her that the child she was carrying was deceased. She was advised to "move on". I couldn't let this go. So, I took her to my doctor - who discovered that not only was she still pregnant, but she was also further along than previously thought, and very healthy.

Nomtha and I share all our life-struggles. When her partner abandoned her, refusing child support, it broke my heart. She genuinely wants more than she had for her daughter. She wants better schooling and better living conditions. Nomtha has even educated herself further!

Her next step in life is to build herself and her daughter a home. Her goal is to live off of the land and draw in revenue. She is ambitious (I can vouch for that) and plans to create homemade good for her community. This, however, cannot be done in her current position. She needs help. She can no longer afford the rent for the home she is currently in.

If we can help Nomtha build a home, then this will allow her to feed her business to provide a better future for herself and her daughter (instead of flushing her funds into rent each month).

Nomtha is an angel. Strong in her faith, she has given me counsel many times. She has helped me to be a better mother. She is also an AMAZING mother herself. Not only did she spring back to work 12 weeks after giving birth but she dedicated herself to working with her baby as well. She brought her baby to work for a full 6 months just to ensure that she got 6 months of breast milk! I mean wow!!!!!! That's dedication.

She's always thinking about others.

Nomtha always passes the items I donate to her to the creche and the homeless (she sends me photos). She always tells me that they need them more than she does.

She inspires me to be a better person. If Nomtha can do it, anybody can!

Please help me to help her?


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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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