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This is about a man named Junaid Farooq.

Junaid is a 40-year old Pakistani man who has been diagnosed with carcinoma buccal mucosa, a form of mouth cancer. Unfortunately, the cancer is on it's fourth stage and this is why we hope to receive funds as soon as possible to cater to the needs of his treatments.

Junaid is a hard-working, passionate and a loving man. He has an adopted daughter and always worked hard to raise her. He works in a bank and living in Pakistan, bankers do not earn much. As the cancer is located in his mouth, it makes it awfully difficult for him to chew on things or to even eat in ease. He has trouble opening his mouth and thus also has speech difficulties. Being the good man he is, I hate to see him in such condition. He has always been a jolly man and seeing him in this condition breaks my heart to bits. I would have never thought he would have to see this day.

As you can see from the picture, Junaid has recently undergone an operation to remove the tumours located in his mouth. A section of skin from his stomach was required and was attached to his mouth to replace the one that had been taken away.

With the money we receive as donations, we will spend in entirely on his treatments. A lot of money is required for Junaid's treatments (chemotherapy sessions and operations to remove tutors) and much money is often needed for his diet as well (fresh juices a few times a day, which can be costly).

I have told Junaid that I will be opening up a crowdfunding page for him. His family, him and I sincerely believe that this platform would be of big assistance to him. All of us ask for your help. Even a small donation will count.

Please help our friend Junaid. Let him have hope again.

Your contribution would mean the world to him. <3


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  • Get well soon brother

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Aug 10


Update posted by Adil Jamal at 06:40 am

After having to have removed the tumor from Junaid's face, he still faces difficulties. More funds support would be needed to continue his treatment.

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  • Donated on Aug 10, 2018
  • Get well soon brother

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Sochima ugwu

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