Help me get laptops for my local school in a very remote Island in Greece! Help kids to have access to quality education!

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Hi everyone,

Home-schooling has been part of every family this days but for some families has been extremely hard.

Many parents had to give their mobile phones in order for their kids to have access to the online platforms and their lessons.

We know it may seem crazy that a family doesn’t have one family laptop at least but this is reality. Not everyone can afford to pay for a laptop or even a tablet.

So, We come up with the idea to help our local school in Leros. Leros is a small island in Dodecanese, there are about 8,000 people living in the island. The income for the families comes mostly from Fishing and Agriculture which translates to perhaps €3,000-€6,000 income per year. I remember I got my first laptop when I was 17 in 2010 after working for the entire summer as my parents wouldn’t be able to afford it and my sisters were sharing one just during University.

I really hope with this initiative and with your help to be able to make at least few families happy.

Why are we doing this? We would like every kid to have same opportunity with a kid that lives in a more developed city even when their parents cannot afford it. We have been there and We know it can be hard as a kid and as a parent.

Why this school? Mostly because that was our first school. We assume that some of our ex classmates will have their kids attending the school now. We know from our heart those families and We would like to help. We would hope that this is just the start.

If you cannot donate, perhaps share this post with others that will mean a lot. If you know a company that doesn’t need their old laptops perhaps they will be able to donate them to the school.

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Mar 22

We did it!! Thanks to you!

Update posted by Chrysovalantou Chatzi at 11:00 am

A big thanks to each and every one of you, we have now reached our goal of €3000. We are so grateful to have such incredible friends, colleagues and network. So many people from all over the world donated and shared our post in just 3 days! We decided to. . . . .

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Mar 20

Just a little update of our distribution process

Update posted by Chrysovalantou Chatzi at 10:11 am

We were so scared yesterday when We were speaking to the Head of school and he asked us how many laptops we are talking about. We hesitated cause We don’t want to give false promises. We thought We will only be able to get €50 and try somehow and find. . . . .

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Mar 19

€600 in just few hours!!

Update posted by Chrysovalantou Chatzi at 10:27 pm

€600 only in just few hours! Thank you so so much for your generosity, we couldn’t be more grateful and happier!

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raised of €3,000.00 goal
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