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Mise à jour publié par Frank Koko Le Apr 22, 2020

Hillcrest is organising this fundraising appeal on behalf of its stakeholders and the service beneficiaries affected by the pandemic and as we as a way of sustainability and avoid bankruptcy in the face of this brutal epidemic.

With the COVID-19 outbreak affecting the entire world, we are witnessing first hand the devastating effects it has so far had particularly on first world countries.

With this in mind, and considering that Hillcrest is an organisation which have struggling to get its foot off the ground, we are deeply concerned for the welfare of our fellow stakeholders and beneficiaries of the various services we offer. And, through the generosity of our brothers and sisters as well as concerned friends of Hillcrest, we aim to raise these funds in order to ensure, at the very least, everybody affected (thus, our stakeholders) basic needs are met at a time when public health advise almost everywhere is to remain indoors.

Together, we know we are not alone in these difficult times. We are, therefore, inviting all our friends and our extended networks to donate towards this noble cause. Every penny will go towards the procurement of basic food and hygiene essentials which will then be distributed among the deeply affected stakeholders and to fund the capital structure our deeply affected institution.

We are counting on your support to make this endeavor possible. Thank you!

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