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Mise à jour publié par Leon Garrett Le Dec 15, 2018

I graduated high school the year 2000 the father of a son that was born when I was 16. Before my son was born I remember the night of the day after school that I was told of the pregnancy, looking up at the moon with tears flowing from my eyes praying to god that he guide me in giving my son something that I didn’t have, a father. there were very few examples of fathers growing up so I had to learn what a father was and I did and I earned the name DAD from all 4 of my kids. 2001 my mom literally woke up a different person so with life beginning and on track to leaving home, getting a place of my own, I took on the responsibility of caring for my mom and has been doing so ever since with very little help from anyone because my mom never left mines and my brothers’ sides and it hurt to schedule appointments to see my mom, the woman that I come from and the couple of times she was hospitalized, I had to ask permission in order to even see her is something that I could never get accustomed to. Outside of what mom receives which predates her illness, there’s no addition help I get monetarily for mom. My grandfathers social security along with her other benefit due to her disability which totals to a little more than the rent at the home of which we’ve lived for over 5 years. No other government assistance other than her medical care, no food stamps or other programs period. I have always taken care of my family and made ends meet always and never depended on anyone or begged anyone to help me just like me mom showed me. it’s my job as a man, father and son, I’ve always been driven and motivated by my families happiness and security in a future that I myself dreamed of plus I had been taking care of my family ever since I got my first job while awaiting my first son. After moving my mom to Georgia, leaving a $20 an hour job in hopes that after trying things for years maybe my mom getting reacquainted with her father and others in Georgia might lead her to wake up the mom that I always knew seeing that she hadn’t seen him since I was no older than 7 or 8 and his girlfriend had reached out for a second time to tell us that his doctors give his life a very short amount of time before he passes away. So after a visit for a weekend, just my mom, 2 sons and myself I decided to move my mom to Georgia to be with her dad before he passed away and I did, leaving the day after her birthday may of 07’. After a little over a year of working for a decent wage as a car builder of trains after arriving in Georgia the recession came and the job closed and so I went to school for a couple of years to tighten up on my computer skill because it’s something that I love. With very little job opportunities during the recession I adapted by using my knowledge and life experience to provide my talents in fixing electronics in this new environment with unlimited possibilities seeing that I’m a new face in town that people have heard good things about and want to know. I implemented an idea that sustained my family financially, making pretty much monthly as I did before the plant closed plus I could always be available for my family at a moments notice. Did very well for years, and better each year, even when my eldest sons troubles lead me to go broke, spending a total of $6000, $1500 of which I had to borrow and even then It took over 3 years to get me to this point where I pray that you read this and know that your help will support a good cause, I spread positivity and love to all and although I’ve been told my entire life that I can’t, I still want to save the world as a whole and make a difference that’ll live on even when I’m gone and I hope that you will help me, I promise that your help in my life’s story will forever be remembered and recalled as my faith in gods guidance to keep on my path even as times got overwhelming. I didn’t break nor did I astray and when I was tried by giving until I had nothing left, YOU lent the helping hand that I needed once i was shown that my pride was what was holding me back from my blessings and that I needed to ask for help in order to continue along my way.

I mean every word and every word is true, I’m not sure if I’m doing this the right or wrong way I didn’t attempt to study how anyone else set up there pages in order to find out how and what I’d say. This is a man who’s asking for help and can promise that even if you only read this, just know that the man that wrote this is praying that you are blessed plentiful in the coming days, my selflessness and willingness to help people in order to maybe bring out the good in everybody so that we all live surrounded by goodness, allows me to write this while my stomach is growling and can still offer to you my dinner if I felt that you needed it, that’s literally Thank you

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