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Mise à jour publié par Gareth Viviers Le Apr 05, 2018

Hi guys, I just want to inform everyone that Wallace had his second operation. The doctor opened him up and saw that all the places that his intestines where joined had opened up due to massive internal infection that had even spread to his pancreas. The doctor said he could try join the intestines again but would just tear as the tissue had started dying and was very soft.

The infection was also past the point that any antibiotic could stop it.

The best and only option was to put Wallace down. He is at peace now and without suffering.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to his bill and gave him the possibility for a second chance. I am very grateful for every rand that helps me to pay Wallace's medical fees.


So sorry, Gareth. 😢

Mel Morris

Mise à jour publié par Apr 05


I am SO sorry Gareth! RIP dear Wallace!

Jennifer Knight

Mise à jour publié par Apr 05

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