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Mise à jour publié par Emma Bartholomew Le Oct 01, 2016

Hello dear friends and family,

I wanted to send you a very joyful update on Jeff.

Although his recovery following his third surgery has been a rocky road, full of ups and downs, this week he was given a real boost. His achievements during his 22 years in the UAE were recognised with an Outstanding Contribution Award by Time Out Kids for his work in founding the first ever children's radio network in the Middle East. I attended the event, with Jeff's wife, Cynthia, and our dear friend, Dave Crane, and was privileged to give a speech in thanks, receiving the award on Jeff's behalf. But, as you'll see from the video clip, Jeff did manage to record his own message too. He was truly moved and overwhelmed by the award, as was I at feeling the love in the room for Jeff at the event and seeing the standing ovation he provoked. The recognition is testament that Jeff will not be defined by his condition, but by who he is and what he does.

Time Out Kids Awards Video

He could not be where he is without your love and support.

Thank you all x

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Mise à jour publié par Emma Bartholomew Le Aug 06, 2016

Hi everyone,

Hope you are really well. Jeff's children, Maddy, 13, and CJ, 3, really wanted to personally thank you for your love and support of the campaign to fund their Dad's brain treatment. As Maddy explains in the video, Jeff has now been able to start the further diagnostics he so desperately needed, along with some of the preliminary treatment he'd been waiting for. This will be a pretty long, hard process, but he's been able to start it all thanks to you. But they say it so much better! I'll let them tell you in their own words...

Happy weekend from London xxx


See you back in action soon Jeff!!!!!! Get well soon!

monika Agarwal

Mise à jour publié par Aug 06

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Mise à jour publié par Emma Bartholomew Le Jul 28, 2016

We wanted to thank you all personally, on behalf of Jeff and all our family, for your kind and generous support of our campaign to raise funds for his treatment. Incredibly, we reached our target within just a few days. This is thanks to you. Jeff has now begun his urgent treatment in Dubai. He remains positive and is overwhelmed by your response. We will keep you updated on Jeff's progress as this is just the start of a long, tough journey. Here is a video we made to say thank you xx


So glad we could be part of helping Jeff and family. Wish you all the best in your surgery and speedy recovery 💐

Vicky Clark

Mise à jour publié par Jul 29

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