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Mise à jour publié par Manoel Kasimier Le Oct 17

This week we took care of several things. First of all, I went to the water company and got a full list of all pending bills to pay. I still can't pay it because GoGetFunding takes 30 days to allow withdrawal, but we're safe because there would still be an 1 or 2 month period before the water company could cut our water. As soon as the funds are released, I'll pay these bills.

The donations made through PayPal wouldn't be enough to pay the water bills, but I was able to withdral them already. This helped us to pay the monthly bills, fix the car and buy groceries.

When I see my family smiling, and see all this, I am incredibly thankful for you all. We're all grateful for all the help, all the donations, all the posts which were shared, and all the kind words. Just by looking at how we have food on the table now, I see that you're all changing our world for the better. Thank you, friends.

Most of the PayPal funds are still unspent. We're waiting to see if there will be enough donations to pay the lawsuit's costs too, and we'll keep managing our finances tightly to not waste anything, so things can slowly improve.

As a "thank you" to everyone who's been helping, I have also released some betas of an old project of mine.

Fightoon was my first attempt at a commercial game. Development started on early 2006 (or late 2005, not sure), and the project was cancelled in mid 2007. It was going to be released for Microsoft Windows and Sega Dreamcast.

Only the Windows version is included. The Dreamcast version performed poorly, and my DC isn't near me right now for testing.

If you can keep sharing the campaign, it will help a lot. Only 2 potential buyers for our house appeared so far, but none of them gave any certainty. Now we're safe on the short term, but there still are big difficulties ahead.

Thank you a lot, everyone. Your kindness means much for us.

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