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Thank for making this Campaign a Success.
Mise à jour publié par Jerry Lukendo M Mparha Le Jul 27

With you help, we have supported 507 urban refugees with food and non food items. Last Saturday we distributed 700 kilograms of maize flour plus 140 kilograms of beans. These refugees lost the source of their livelihoods, they are unable to pay for basic necessities including rent, utilities, and food. Also, schools were often providers of meals for children, now leaving these children at risk of facing hunger with schools closed. With fears of hunger, homelessness, and certain hopelessness on the rise for this already vulnerable population, they need us now more than ever.

We still continue to ask for your kind support in order to continue proving food and non food items to urban refugees as they recover slowly their businesses sold during the lock-down. We cannot do this alone unless you support us. Together, WE CAN, Together, WE ARE VICTORIOUS. Big or small donation, every effort counts and it will all have a great impact on someone’s life.

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