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New Journeys ahead
Mise à jour publié par LARA JACOSKi Le May 01

Since April 2nd we have been in the Amazon giving our support to the Festival Encontro de Cultura Huni Kuin (Huni Kuin Gathering) in Jordão Rifver, Boa Vista village. It was an extraordinary month being able to meet the villages of Jordão river that are closer to their ancestral traditional culture. We have started some projects that will be happening later on this year in Jordão.

Last journey to the Amazon
For now, we are in Tarauacá city, in Acre, where we will depart on the 2nd May to the Humaitá river, visiting several villages in order to complete the production of our film Eskawata Kayawai. In this trip we will research in all Humaitá villages about the subject we are focusing in the film, what is the story in the Humaitá river of white people taking over, and when and how the culture raised again. We are very happy with the possibility and invitation of the leaders of each village, to get to know other villages and have their story shared to bring a wider point of view, and to represent a region that are changing their story as a whole.

FEPHAC Gathering in May
We will be traveling up to 19th May, when we will be coming back and going straight to Rio Branco, to participate the FEPHAC Annual Huni Kuin gathering, which will bring 350 leaders from all regions to discuss several points for their security, sustainability, production and future. We will be producing content of photo, video and text, in case you might know any media or journalist that would be happy to share this content, write us, we would be very happy to share the resume of this meeting with the world, showing that the indigenous lives matter, that they are getting organised and that we can help them in many ways.

In the picture, the women group in Boa Vista leaded by Bunke Huni Kuin (with drums in her hand), the elders of the village that work in medicinal plants, the directors of the film Lara and Patrick in the center and Janete standing up, our partner at Bem-te-vi Produções.

AMAZON FELLOWHIP, be a partner!
Another news we would like to share, after our first trip to the Amazon, we met amazing projects, villages and people needing help, as since the new president took over, they are in a very dangerous situation and have zero resources coming to them. So we funded the Amazon Fellowship, an umbrella of projects happening in the Amazon that need help, grants, communication, education, construction and so on. We are just beginning but we are happy we already raised 20k to this event of FEPHAC (and we continue to raise funds, check here), and we are raising for more causes. To follow projects that need help, please follow our instagram and get involved here.

Eskawata Kayawai film goes to the US in June/July/August
We are excited to confirm our presence at the Aniwa Gathering in New York, a gathering that brings together 40 respected indigenous leaders from cultures around the world, we will be filming the event, as well presenting Eskawata Kayawai film projefct and other Amazon Fellowship projects. Also we are enjoying this possibility to make events regarding the film, the first event will happen 18th July in California, supported by Chacruna and The Psychedelic Society of San Francisco.
If you know anyone or a space in the US (or Mexico, our next stop!) that would like to hold an event about the film, talk to us! We offer to show some selected parts of the film, make a Q&A about the directors experience on the making of the film and getting to know the culture, play some Huni Kuin songs, exhibit some photographs, have a Huni Kuin shop for selling articrafts and also run a public sale for special items. Get in touch [email protected]

Final words
We had the possibility of extending our crowdfudning campain which remains open till the end of August for eventual donations.
That's it for now, do send us your prayers during this journey and we will be sending our prayers to everyone, spreading this peace and love of Mother Nature. Keep track of our journeys following our Facebook and Instagram page.

Thanks again for your support, many blessings to you all.
Haux haux
Lara and Patrick