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Another baby pangolin rescued!
Mise à jour publié par Susan Wiper Le Feb 12

This is our latest rescue: a 438g weighing baby White-bellied pangolin... With #WorldPangolinDay2019 just 4 days away, any donation towards the sanctuary to continue to rescue these beautiful animals is greatly appreciated!

We need to walk them in the forest several times a day so they can forage for ants and termites. Some come in terribly injured and need special treatment.

All of them are victims of the bushmeat trade. Pangolins are under CITES 1 and receive full protection by law. It is illegal to catch, kill, sell and transport them. Unfortunately, in Liberia, they are considered "Sweet Meat", making them a local delicacy. Their numbers are going down rapidly and extinction is around the corner...💔 This pangolin makes number 27 in our list of pangolin rescues: 23 White-Bellied Pangolins and 4 Black-bellied pangolins. Please help us, so we can help them! 🙏🏼

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