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You're Fantastic!
Mise à jour publié par Sarah Hartman Le Sep 19

It hasn't even been two days, and I am overwhelmed with the generosity and level of donations we have received. I'm still a little in shock, to be honest! As I fill out the paperwork to submit to the state of California, to make this all official, I have every person who has donated and shared the link and supported us in my head. And as I discuss plans with a costume deisgner for the beautiful and flowing frock Echo (me) will wear for both the promo shoot and the ballet, I feel a surge of...well, it sounds cheesy, but I feel warmth in my chest. I guess that's the feeling of gratitude and happiness. 

We're not there yet, but as this fundraiser pushes forward, I want everyone to know that, no matter how you help, be it a donation of $1, $500, or simply sharing the link with heartfelt messages, Moirai Ballet will never forget you. Not now, not two years from now, not ten years from now when we have a home and a theatre for you to come and enjoy. 

At this point, I urge you to keep pushing and pestering, to help us reach our goal, so that we can repay everyone with the greatest gift of all: Art made from our hearts and souls, that will transform who we are, and hopefully, who you are as well.

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