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Due to the rapidly changing nature of the world we have to adapt. This has clearly become a fact of life. And while some of these changes might be straightforward, some might not be as much, but still we will adapt.

My personal strategy after losing my livelihood due to the pandemic is to use, and adapt an age old concept. This concept hinges on the understanding that humans need to be in contact, we need to interact with each other. The world we knew have changed irrevocably, this we know on a instinctive level, but essentially we remain unchanged as beings after all.

My idea is to start up a revolutionized drive-in experience which have made a comeback recently. This idea remains centered around the movie watching concept, which I would like to remain the main focus, but I would like to expand on that, and enhance it with modern audiences in mind - live music, stand up comedians, theme nights, interesting food experiences etc. In addition I would like to reach out to the local artistic community and offer them a platform in order to showcase their unique works. Collaboration is key I believe, and this we saw again as the world around us has changed. We are simply better when we work together.

And when this project turns into the roaring success that I know it's going to be, then more people will have the chance of being able to make a living after the far reaching economic devastation we have experienced in recent times. The project will offer work to the local community, which is essential in order to revitalise the local economy

This project will need money to come to fruition. Not as much as you would think once it gets going, but still. This funding will go towards screening equipment rental (with the aim of buying eventually), venue rental, marketing & promotional materials, marketing services, employing initial staff, office space, internet access etc. The traditional ways of raising capital is not always accessible or feasible, and one therefore needs to again, adapt. I have decided on the crowdfunding and investors route in order to reach this goal, this dream. And in order to pursue this route I have reached certain limitations caused by our current world wide situation.

With your assistance this project can, and will reach it's full potential. Please contact me also if you have any input, questions or ideas you would like to share.

Thank you.




Jun 29


Update posted by JeanPierre de Greef at 02:55 pm

#FliekVlooi now has a brand new logo!https://www.facebook.com/FliekVlooiDriveIn/

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Jun 17


Update posted by JeanPierre de Greef at 07:28 am

Picture it for a moment. You are sitting underneath a starry canopy of stars on a warm summers night. Mixed in with that unmistakable, cozy popcorn smell you can almost catch a hint of sea drifting on the cool swaying breeze, or so you imagine, smiling to yourself as it's. . . . .

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