Empowering Women hygiene in Tanzania

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Build a workshop for women in Tanzania to produce Reusable Sanitary pads for menstrual cycle

Empowering Women hygiene in Tanzania. We are participating in a group of 50 volunteers traveling to Tanzania to help the women in a small village.

We will leave for 15 days our homes and work and we will dedicate our Christmas vacations the period to a place in need of our help.

Description of the program

Specifically, from December 27 to January 12 we will travel to Tanzania. Our destination is the Gongo village in Miseni, about 150km north west of Dar es Salam. It is a poor region facing many problems everyday.

In that village we will contact SANA organization to launch a very important program to improve women's daily lives. In particular, we will help them to manage their menstruation and with that to combat the social isolation of those women. Those women are missing their education, skip work, and they missing any other social activities because of they menstruation cycle.

In many African countries and in Tanzania, and more particular in isolated places, women do not have access to feminine hygiene products. The stores are far away but also the products are too expensive to buy. The usual practice is to use rags of older fabrics, foams, toilet papers, leaves, etc. which can cause infections or fungal grow as well as embarrassing drops or scents. The problem is larger in young girls who, in addition to the lack of basic hygiene, there are unaware how to manage the menstruation.

All this, rise a barrier between women and they right to work and educate. Many girls are absent from school during the period of menstruation while having a sense of shame.

It has been estimated by UNESCO that as many as one (1) out of ten (10) girls in remote areas in Africa are avoiding school during the menstrual cycle, and droping it completely for reasons related to menstruation. More specifically, for Tanzania, the Tanzania Ministry of Education estimates that for about 5 days circle, girls are losing 60 days a year of school days. And for what for? For sanitary napkins that cost 0.10 € one (Sh2000 the pack of 8) in Tanzania shops.

Here comes ours and your contribution. We both and with the NGO wheeling2help team, with the help of the local SANA organization, and with your important financial help, WE WILL GIVE AΝ OPPORTUNITY to these girls and bring them back to everyday life without shame.

How we will help in project

We will give them theopportunity, even in the difficult days of the menstruation cycle, to take life in their own hands and leave their home. To be able to go to school and work.

The whole project is based on the viable business idea of women's cooperativesdeveloped throughout Africa for the same purpose. These women are organized, coordinated and start producing reusable sanitary pads, called Maisha Pads. So, apart from the obvious benefits of using the pads, we allow 30 women to work and earn an income to their families.

If you want to make a substantial contribution to our work and give a quality future to Gogo's girls and women, to get their lives in their hands, you can donate to the account on our page.

Even a small help is valuable. We can do more if you help!

Why there? Why now?

Now: Until now, we have made many trips in several countries. We wanted our next trip to have a positive footprint helping the place we are going. To offer whatever we can to people in need. Africa is a beautiful place, but with serious problems. This program has a significant impact on the local community and helps solve a problem faced by women across. I was ignorant of the problem, but by studying the data, I was impressed when I found the size of the problem.

There: The idea of this project came from Kostas Koukoulis, a resident of Tanzania, founder of the agency SANA (Saving Africa's Nature), which operates in Miseni area, near the Saadani National Park. SANA's work is based on the joint involvement of local communities and local authorities at all stages of the interventions, from planning to implementation. Starting with the participatory debate on the problems faced by communities, the identification of needs, social roles and cultural peculiarities - SANA concludes with the design of sustainable solutions. These solutions are proposed through effective projects with locals, that acts in their implementation and they ensuring their continuity in the best possible way that will serve the community. The villages in which SANA operates are Saadani, Matipwili, Gongo and Mkange because of their proximity to the Saadani National Park. In these villages SANA has provided support by improving the education, health and living standards of locals through alternative sources of income.

What we will change?

With the successful completion of the project, we will be able to:

  • Build a production centre with three distinct rooms.
  • Complete the education of village women in the production of Maisha Pads.
  • Provide raw materials and fabrics that are suitable for Maisha Pads.
  • Educate girls for menstruation circle and the hygiene issues related.
  • Reduce the number of girls leaving school for menus in the area.

YOU CAN also help the lives of these women and girls. Support our effort with any donation.

We all need your help

How can you help us:

You can also make a substantial and practical contribution to the project by financially supporting this campaign. You are actively helping, giving money that will reach the destination directly. Give these girls and women an opportunity for a better life.

Any amount is important. The 4€ that you will have a burger in your country in the Gongo area will be a valuable help of 4 girls.

THANK YOU for having the interest in getting informed about the purpose of our trip and we would be grateful if you helped us communicate with more people,

- by post this project to your Facebook profile,

- by writing a reference to your blog,

- by tweet our program pageor

just say about our project to your friends.

Any post or view, it helps us to improve the lives of those people!

Share it, tell it to your friends too!

Last we would like to thank you from our heart for every donation!


More information regarding our journey:

General description of the problem that girls facing.

Unicef report

The school and the problem

Whelling2help program in Tanzania

Video from the last visit in Tanzania

Another program of reused sanitary pads in Tanzania

How to make your own reusable sanitary pads.


We will send you, our "thank you" written in a postal card from Africa

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We will send you, our "thank you" written in a postal card from Africa and in addition we will send you a gift from Tanzania

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a) "thank you" in a postal card from Africa b) you will receive a gift from Tanzania and c) a memento from the program.

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