#COSTRUINDO LAR AMAR (Building Home Amar)

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Projeto Amar was founded in 2015 in Natal, RN, Brazil. In Natal there are approximately 36 neighborhoods and 66 favelas. Our project is located in one of them: Vila de Ponta Negra.

Ponta Negra is characterized by its uneven background - on one side you have an important touristic spot where some middle to high class families live, one the other side the red-light district where the poorest live. These families are experiencing social vulnerability caused by a lack of basic human rights due to extreme poverty combined with drugs, alcohol and criminality issues. This environment mainly affects these favelas’ youth, both physically and intellectually.

Dona Goretti and the volunteers working for this project made the dream of building a special place for Ponta Negra’s children based on education, health and spirituality come true. Our main purpose here is to enhance their creativity and self-confidence, increase autonomy and personal motivation, provide tools and values for an intellectual and individual development among other aspects and show them that they can be the architects of their future.

Projeto Amar aims to transform these families’ lives by increasing dignity and humanization with LOVE.

We are currently impacting on 70 children in social trouble - all between 3 and 15 years old. We provide them 3 daily meals, school material, dental care, physiotherapy, dermatology, kits of hygiene. Moreover, the children are given the access to activities such as capoeira, physical education, arts, evangelization, music, occasional workshops. We also offer tutoring for the ones who are the most in need - maths, portuguese... We periodically host international volunteers to teach others languages like english and spanish. We recognize the value of both CREATIVITY and EDUCATION.

We also support some women, exchanging food for handcrafts made with recycled materials that we sell to cover our monthly costs.

Our dream is to have a major impact, that's why we start our foundraising campaign.



#COSTRUINDO LAR AMAR is our campaign to collect money to buy a land within which a boarding school would be built, possibly in a sustainable way. Nowadays children still come back to there houses to sleep, often to unwelcoming environments. We want to provide a school with a dormitory so we would be able to offer them the stability and peacefulness they deserve. Our purpouse is to have a major impact on their life, but a minor impact on the environment, that's why we are thinking about a sustainable construction!


- Ig: @amarprojeto

- Fb : Projeto AMAR

- Contact: [email protected]

- Support PROJETO AMAR with a monthly donation : apoia.se/projetoamar

If you want to learn more about PROJETO AMAR’s history and actions, write down your e-mail during the donation process and we will provide you an Ebook with more info and with a nice surprise made by our children!

PS: The Ebook is only available in portuguese so far, but we are working on the english and spanish version too!




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raised of $80,000.00 goal
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