Mic G’s Fearless Fight – Let’s relive his WOD!

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God remembered Noah

For he sent a wind over the earth, and the violent waters began to subside. Noah and all the animals in the ark were safe and sound.

This was what happened to our favorite instructor, Michael. As everyone knows, a traumatic incident happened on 25 Oct where he collapsed with a seizure and was sent to the hospital the very night. He was diagnosed with brain aneurysm followed by an immediate operation. It was a grueling weekend for most to know, not to mention our hearts were tight and heavy to not know what follow through. Fortunately and thankfully, the brain surgery was a success and Michael is recovering well in his ward.

Sometimes, what the war left behind could be more petrifying than what it took during its course.

We do not want that to happen.

We are hoping to raise money to cover for his post-surgery medical bills. This will include the stay-in ward, medications, his day-to-day expenses, loss of income. This will also cover some expenses his next of kin (Bro and sister in law) as they will be taking care of him. Not forgetting the bubbly son of Michael who will be staying in Singapore to spend time with him for his recovery. (The surgery bill (partially) will be covered by his workplace.)

A bit more about Michael:

Michael arrived in Singapore in 2016 and been working with Pure Fitness since. His dedication to dance and fitness is unquestioned. He doesn't believe in talent but true hard work and dedication.

His favorite quote: "I love what I do, I do what I love."

We hope this fund will help him recover speedily without worries. Most importantly, he can get back on his feet and come back to teach again – Let's relive his WOD!

This funding 100% goes directly to Michael. We do not take any cut or gain etc from the funding.

We thank you for your grace and favor.

thank you to helpers: Tabitha, Queenie Sarah Eva

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Oct 31

Michael's recovery

Update posted by Hailey Queenie at 03:44 am

Update on G:G had given 3 different types of sedatives, since yesterday he was fully at rest so the pressure on his brain had calm down, this afternoon the doctor stopped one of the sedatives coz they want to wake him up slowly.. then later on, they reduced the dosage. . . . .

See update

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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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