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We’ve helped people from all over Hungary crowdfund the things that matter to them most. From personal fundraisers, to acts of kindness, emergency relief, and more. Create your campaign for free!

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Hyperbaric oxigen therapy
Hello. My name is Eduard Storch. I'm a service-technician, employed by a multinational corporation here in Hungary. Until last year,. . . . .
85 Donors
Ft2,634,900 raised
263% funded
Student Ticket Back Home
I am a Lebanese student living in Hungary, and I just graduated from university.My plan was to search for a. . . . .
15 Donors
€900 raised
100% funded
Környezettudatos Budapestet plakátkampány
(For English version scroll below) Nemrég rádöbbentem, hogy rengeteg olyan dolgot halmoztam fel magam körül, amire igazából nem is volt. . . . .
29 Donors
Ft250,000 raised
100% funded
Kedves Támogatók! A mai napon az Osaka University a koronavírus-helyzetre tekintettel felfüggesztette tavaszi hallgatói csereprogramot. Ennek megfelelően én sem fogok. . . . .
44 Donors
€909 raised
90% funded
Volunteer action and research to save the Jewish cemetery of Tállya
Please support the independent, civic, volunteer action for saving a historic Jewish cemetery of Tállya, in Hungary! After two successful. . . . .
193 Donors
Ft1,761,058 raised
88% funded
Generational War Game Memory Developing Cards
I am a pensioner and was offered a job as a Memory Coach. You may watch my lecture topic, the. . . . .
6 Donors
$450 raised
75% funded
IRONMAN 70.3 Világbajnokság támogatás
Hétvégén kijutottam az IRONMAN 70.3 jövő évi világbajnokságára. Most viszont rátok is szükségem van! 11 hónapja ezt tűztem ki célul.. . . . .
21 Donors
€800 raised
66% funded
Emmett: Úton önmagam felé
Sziasztok! Hegedűs Emmett vagyok. Amikor megszülettem egy olyan testbe születtem ami nekem sose volt kényelmes. Nőként anyakönyveztek, de mindig is. . . . .
54 Donors
Ft584,653 raised
53% funded
Cat neutering
Hi, My name is Maria, and I have been neutering stray cats in Budapest, for 4 years in my free. . . . .
15 Donors
€368 raised
52% funded

Success Stories

TakaTuka Rescue Mission

Taka Tuka Island, a non-profit community providing support and fun for people all over the world, faced hard times during the pandemic. To get things back on track, they turned to online fundraising.

291 donors raised €20,200

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I Hear the Trees Whispering – Feature Film

Jozsef Gallai, an indie film maker, set up his campaign to raise the remaining funds needed to complete his latest film. His campaign was 249%, allowing him to reach his creative goals.

41 donors raised US$7,478.00

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