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Help Sejifa fight Multiple Myeloma
Dear friends, acquaintances and relatives, my heart breaks because I am in a situation to address you like this. Everyone. . . . .
144 Donors
€5,242 raised
29% funded
Support Emir Achieve His Olympic Dream
Emir Hastor je šampion Bosne i Hercegovine u maratonu. Ovaj talentovani mladić iz Goražda, grada na Drini, do sada je postigao sjajne uspjehe kao član Atletskog kluba Goražde u kojem trenira posljednjih 5 godina. Svoj uspjeh Emir duguje velikoj ljubavi prema \\\"kraljici sportova\\\", upornosti i marljivom treniranju, posvećenosti, kao i podršci trenera Zaima. Nažalost, njegovi uspjesi i medalje nisu nagrađeni i popraćeni institucionalnom podrškom iako to njegovi rezultati zaslužuju. Emir uvjek želi više, dalje i bolje. Ima ciljeve koja nosi kao svoju sportsku zastavu. Mi vjerujemo da Emir može da ostvari svoj olimpijski san i nastupi na Olimpijadi u Parizu 2024. godine. Novci prikupljeni u ovoj kampanji poslužit će za finansiranje cjelokupnog programa priprema i učešća na utrkama važnim za ostvarenje olimpijske kvalifikacijske norme! Prvih 50 donatora koji doniraju 100 KM dobit će na poklon sportsku trkačku majicu! Za uplate u BiH otvoren je sljedeći račun: Atletski klub Goražde UNION BANKA d.d. Goražde broj računa: 1028400000010273 Podržimo ga u ostvarenju tog sna! Inicijatori kampanje: Zaim, Slavko, Amar i Alma
31 Donors
€1,201 raised
12% funded
Help people of Syria, Idlib
As Salamu Aleykum, peace be upon you. If you cant donate at least share this campaign. I hope you are. . . . .
14 Donors
$460 raised
9% funded
Humanitarna akcija “Srcem za Srednju Bosnu”
The Association of Fans \\\"ALWAYS FAITHFUL\\\" together with the Sports Association of the Croatian Hospital Dr. Fra Mato Nikolić and the association PRONT from Novi Travnik are organizing a large humanitarian action called \\\"HEART FOR CENTRAL BOSNIA\\\". The goal of the humanitarian action is for all of us to participate together in raising funds for the purchase of a much-needed ambulance for the needs of the Croatian Hospital Dr. Fra Mato Nikolić in Nova Bila, but also for the needs of the whole of Central Bosnia ...
4 Donors
$255 raised
Badminton Klub Doboj
Badminton club SERTINI is the idea of a couple of enthusiasts who decided to register a badminton club and promote badminton for the first time in the history of the City of Doboj. The money is intended exclusively for club registration, equipment, website presentation and marketing. Badminton club Sertini Doboj will promote health and badminton as an Olympic sport in the categories for children, competition categories, veterans and disabled people who can actively engage in this sport. The various benefits of badminton for body health 1. Improve your fitness and lose weight Of course, the benefits of badminton should not be doubted. Badminton is a type of cardio exercise. Cardio exercise itself is a type of exercise to strengthen the heart muscle. If the heart muscle is strong, the blood vessels can bleed more and more. Strong blood vessels can secrete more oxygen into muscle cells. This effect allows your body’s metabolism to maintain body fitness more efficiently. A well-functioning metabolism also helps every cell in the body to burn more fat during exercise and so on while resting. This is why the most common cardio exercises that help you lose weight are selected, as this activity is very effective in burning fat. Badminton is reportedly able to burn more calories than running, diving and playing football - up to 450 calories per hour. Interestingly, the benefits of this condition can also be felt in the elderly. A report from the British Heart Foundation, a 50-year-old weighing 70 kilograms can burn 350 calories in just one hour of playing badminton. 2. Improve cognitive function of the brain Badminton is probably a type of exercise in the brain. The amount of blood flow will increase rapidly from the heart to the brain as you move actively. It can increase nerve function and increase brain mass. The study shows that the ability to reason increases dramatically in people who do cardio exercises for an average of 30 minutes a day at least five times a week. This cognitive ability is definitely needed when you run on the field to remember and change strategies and predict opponent\\\'s attacks. Moreover, many studies have shown that cardio exercise can reduce the risk of dementia in healthy adults. 3. Strengthens muscles and joints of the body Playing badminton involves a lot of body movements. Suffice it to mention the calf muscles, thighs, buttocks, pelvis and hips which are also used for jumping, to the muscles of the upper arms and back to hit the ball. Moreover, this sport can shape and strengthen the basic muscles. Strong and flexible muscles and joints will prevent you from various risks of injury during exercise or during daily activities. Flexible muscles and joints can also expand the range of gestures, so you avoid arthritis that impairs movement. 4. Reduce stress Badminton not only provides physical well-being, but also benefits mental health. The brain will release happy mood hormones in large quantities during exercise, ie endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and tryptophan, which will replace the hormones cortisol and epineprin, two stress hormones. All of these positive hormones will work together to create feelings of satisfaction and relieve stress, thus creating positive thoughts and improving sleep quality. Therefore, exercise is often recommended as an adjunct therapy to treat the symptoms of various mental illnesses. The effect of reducing stress levels is also increased because badminton games involve social interaction with many people at once. Talking, joking, and sharing ideas with other people is one easy way to relieve stress. 5. Prevent many diseases The benefits of other badminton, which you may never understand, reduce or even eliminate the risk of a number of health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. This exercise can also reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by lowering triglyceride levels, increasing good cholesterol, and reducing the risk of clogging blood vessels. Studies from the diabetes prevention program have shown that exercise can reduce the risk of diabetes by 58 percent compared to treating a doctor alone. Playing badminton regularly can also help maintain early bone density and prevent the development of osteoporosis in old age.
9 Donors
€246 raised
8% funded
Fundraiser for A. M. who lost his mother and lives with his grandparents
A.M. is a 14 year old boy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, his parents got divorced 2 years ago and he. . . . .
4 Donors
€125 raised
1% funded
My sister Milica
Moja sestra je pala u septični šok zbog greške i nepažnje doktora. U dobi od 16 dana je završila u. . . . .
11 Donors
€115 raised
Every help counts in decreasing unemployment in B&H
This campaign will, and has for many years, be done by a NGO in Bosnia and Herzegovina, called BHcrafts. It. . . . .
2 Donors
$40 raised
Pomoc invalidu
molim vas za pomoc imao sam 4 operacije na grudima u Sarajevu dijagnoza Pectus exavatum udubljenje grudnog kosa.i nakon te
1 Donors
€30 raised
3% funded