Building a place a new home for Zanokhanyo, a home of Safety for children

Fundraising campaign by Yondela Nyongo
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With 41 days till Christmas, 20 children who had a place of safety to call home are unfortunately homeless.

On the 14th of November 2018 , 20 children were left homeless.

The place they called their safe haven and home, burnt down Wednesday the 14th of November, leaving 20 children homeless and everything that Zanokhanyo, worked towards, trying to give these young, innocent souls better life has now turned in to ashes.

The Christmas gifts the kids received last year in 2017 that they once smiled about, the school uniforms that were sponsored, they wore with joy, the food they were given to feed the little stomachs, the vegetable garden they grew to make sure food is on the table, the beds they once felt safe in, is nothing but a distant memory now.

It would be greatly appreciated it if we are able to assist in trying to fix their home and help them get back up and running, so that they have somewhere to sleep at night, with the necessities that they need. This would be the best Christmas gift to them.

All proceeded will go to the following immediate needs:

-Rebuilding and Fixing up of their home

-Beds/ Mattresses.


-School uniforms


-Food & Groceries

About Zanokhanyo Children’s Safety Home:

Zanokhanyo Children’s Safety Home is located in Makhasa, Khayelitsha in Cape Town, South Africa. The home was started by Nolubabalo Ndita (Nolu) and her husband Christophe Ndita, who sadly passed away in November 2015. The home was founded in 2005 at another site in Khayelitsha when Nolu, an unemployed community worker, was troubled to see children living on the streets without food, after their parents had abandoned them or died of HIV/AIDS. She opened her heart and took the children into her home and began looking after them. Everyday her life revolves around the children and taking care of them to the best of her ability. More children were brought to her house as a temporary place of refuge for a few days or few weeks and now there are 20 children living at the home.

Your help can make these 20 kids, who have just lost their home, feel safe and loved this Christmas!!!!

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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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