Updates on Help needed for Bobi, the dog, rescued from earthquake zone in Croatia

Update posted by Vedran Galeta On Feb 12, 2021

Hello everyone,

Some time passed and many things have been done or just happened with Bobi, after being in touch with Matea last few days there's now enough information for this update.

CT has been conducted here we can see the results: CT Results; and here is the bill: CT Bill. Here can be seen results from Urine analysis and the bills, while microbiological results are still pending - i.e. which bacteria is present and which antibiotic can help.

In short, no operation is possible at this stage. Would be possible to do the surgical procedure immediately (within 48h) after the injury but unfortunately for Bobi it is to late - the spinal cord between 11th and 12th vertebra is broken. :(

Matea has been driving Bobi back and forth to find possible practice with sensible attitude towards financing to start conducting physio and acupuncture therapy. Had to ask her about the kilometers, when she respond to me that in last 3 weeks, mostly for Bobi she drove about 3000Km - mainly due to temporary accommodation (free + food) outside of Zagreb. When to think in fuel that is 150 liters while highway tolls are also there, not sure how much though.

Regarding acupuncture she managed to enroll Bobi to therapy of 10 sessions where one session is about 310HRK (41EUR), bill from one session: Acu + Mag Bill. Matea also managed to acquire Neurobion to help the process of recovery.

There is one amazing thing that happened which I mentioned in the beginning. Equus Vitalis decided to help Bobi and Matea with free physiotherapy and introduction how to work with the belts. It is all on order to help Bobi regain the reflex in his muscle memory so that we might be able to help him later with wheels. Here is the video from the veterinary practice.

Matea will continue with both paid acupuncture and free physiotherapy, where I say travelling is never for free. One wheels are already donated from one nice lady who lives Istria. Only issue is that the wheels are too big and are designed only for rear body support. Where I will make sure to adapt the wheels and make all necessary changes for Bobi so he could make his first tryouts in at least some wheel until it is time to order proper one for him. At the moment I don't have much info except that it can cost around 300EUR to order.

So 400EUR has been directly spent, while another 410EUR is expected to be spent on acu + mag. Where for physio there will be no cost. I would like to state that 200EUR is to be expected to be spent on gas and tolls that Matea simply must spend in order to conduct everything that might help Bobi. And for the end 300EUR for the wheels, and prior wheel walking belt are needed which cost about 100EUR. So lets round it up to 1500EUR as the amount that will help Matea to provide Bobi the best chance here in Croatia.

If campaign amount goes over the 1400EUR, food will be bought for NGOs that are taking care of animals and one special american staffordshire, Coco, would be helped with diagnostics regarding her injured snout done by some malicious and violent person.. As I understand Bobi is not the only dog under Matea care, but the one in most need to help him.

Matea also asked me to state in her name, if anyone from Netherlands, Germany or Austria would like to take Bobi and help him there, where she believes veterinary service might be much better than in Croatia, to simply ask either me or directly Matea via her FB (Matea FB). In that case all collected donation will be transferred to new caregivers - and Bobi would also be delivered via car transport by Matea.

Thanks guys and lets hope for the best, but plan for everything!

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Update posted by Vedran Galeta On Feb 02, 2021


Slightly edited text Matea's public post on FB:

Bobi has finally made first little steps in his, to be expected, long and hard journey to full recovery - these little steps kindly understand literary! Let us not rush to any conclusions or dare to have any unreasonable hope – but faith is there, and it is strong, and nothing cannot shake it from now on. In last few days there were so many obstacles that tried to shake my faith. Especially the “kind” staff at The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine by the University of Zagreb where we decided to go for conducting the medical examination by the specialist together with diagnostics (CT & RTG). Earlier in previous month when earthquake implications were still very fresh, same Faculty publicly announced how they will treat any animal from earthquake zone for free and meticulously to help them. Care to know what we experienced there?

Not only that any of the encountered staff confirmed that they will examine and treat Bobi from earthquake zone for free, nor to reduce the price for needed actions for Bobi – but after literary 1.5 minute of simple visual examination in the lobby by holding back legs in hands, specialist stated that Bobi is lost case – and no time or resource should be spent on finding possibility to have Bobi back on his feet. Only proposal we got was to rather keep the money for the wheels for our dog – JUST TO EMPHASIZE – with no CT or even RTG conducted on the Bobi spinal cord. So, we had to accept the message and to move somewhere else and we have an appointment for CT at Bubi, veterinary practice, where we will do all the further examinations and treatments.

Thanks to Dorotea, Bobi has also started with EMMETT therapy. Bubi veterinary practice will charge us for the CT around 3000HRK (400 EUR), while recommended medication would cost around few hundreds of HRK (<50EUR) – for now we know that we need Neurobion and Apipet Flexi. Free treatment unfortunately is not an option. Due to his condition and above explanation Bobi daily needs are diapers, pads and mentioned medication – and to emphasize the daily travelling due to only possible accommodation that is in outskirts of Zagreb (Ivanic Grad) and Bubi practice which is in Zagreb. That is where summed donations are getting expended on momentarily.

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine by the University of Zagreb apparently got themselves very good advertisement just few weeks ago, so now volunteers have to feel embarrassed in the lobby by asking for simple price reduction, not to even think about free examination and treatment enquiry anymore for animals suffered in earthquake zone. For know for what I learn from the others, Faculty statement and correlated actions are true embarrassment since action done with Bobi for now seems to be a rule – as concluded with conversation with few other volunteers.

So, we are moving forward regardless of this latest disappointment, which hurts, which also gave me feeling of being an idiot, and drawn almost all the fait out of me. There is no choice of giving up now! Regardless of tiredness I feel, and 2.000Km driven around in last week, and very little sleep I get, and new animal mistreatments encountered on the way, and regardless of counting animals under my care which are waiting for their attention (sterilizations, surgical procedures, placed in commercial accommodations,..). Not to mention that decent accommodation for Bobi hasn’t been found still! For Bobi to be treated and examined, each day we have to travel 100Km, back and forth…


I am just a volunteer, a citizen daring to help.




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