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Update posted by Maria Guido On Jan 30, 2021

hi! I want to apologize because it been a long time ago that I have not written an update about Patricia's recovery. she turned 20 on her birthday last 24th of January. as a OFW mother, its really hard for me for not taking care of her in this situation. she's always having depression and stress about her STOMA which is causing of skin irritation. her confidence is already lost as she's not going out and preferred to stay at home on her bed. she lost her appetite and avoiding those foods that can cause allergy or itchiness on her stoma. but being a Mom I'm always cheer her up and support her of what she want. I love my daughter so much and I will do anything just to give all her medical needs even I'm already broke, that's why I'm writing again to you guys as we are still accepting Donations for Patricia's Medical Assistance as she need to go in the Hospital for her monthly check up, laboratory test and daily medications. Her recovery period was tough for her due to her Potassium, chloride, and electrolyte level was very low and losing weight from 40kg after her operation to 35kg now, which is lead to malnutrition. She has a goal to reach 50kg and need to undergo for DISTAL COLONOGRAM TEST which is pricey so she can proceed for her next operation. any little amount will appreciated. I have attached her latest photo.

We are also accepting goods donations for her everyday necessity on her medical condition like Nutribest Milk, Lomotil loperamide, Clusivol plus, Amino acids multivitamins, Colostomy bag & wafer (size 45mm), Gatorade drinks.

Thank you and God bless you all.

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Update posted by Maria Guido On Sep 18, 2020

This is Patricia Running Bill as of 18/09/2020

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