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Update posted by Katie Longhurst On May 19, 2019


Before Nyangusu I thought I could offer a hand to them.

They joined me in the walk .

Steve kept walking with me from Kilgoris , Poroko to Nyangoso

During my break they kept me with their locally made ball .

A very warm welcome home!!!

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Update posted by Katie Longhurst On May 19, 2019

1Peter 5:10
And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Messiah Yehshuah , will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.........
Today I woke up so tired but I encouraged myself to keep moving, My phone too had issues the battery and the memory . I walked towards the further west heading home , I saw this dumpster as I moved closer I saw a rare thing the sheep , the chickens and halk eating from the same table .

I went up the hills then down . Over here I met this men with a heard of goats I walked with them for every long distance carrying a walking stick from one the men and one of the men carried my bag even as I ministered to them .

It was tiring and exhausting but I did 48 kilometers . I wish to announce to you that as of today I have covered 370 kilometers less 30 kilometers of the 400 Kilometers . Thank you so much for standing with me in prayer I hope to finish tomorrow before sunset .

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Update posted by Katie Longhurst On May 19, 2019

DAY 8 UPDATE JOSHUA 3 :7 "And the LORD said to Joshua, Today I will begin to exalt you in the eyes of all Israel, so they may know that I am with you as I was with Moses." I PRAY THAT THIS VERSE BE YOUR PORTION . JUST ABOUT TO START MY WALK . MY PHONE BATTERY IS LOW I DIDNT HAVE A PLACE TO PLUG IN MY PHONE . I WILL BE SWITCHING IT OFF AND ON SAFE FOR SOME PICS .

It was a very cold start to the day

This was my lunch

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Update posted by Katie Longhurst On May 19, 2019

UPDATE DAY 7:Eloim gave me this word this morning . EZEKIEL 37:4 Then he said to me, "Prophesy to these bones and say to them, 'Dry bones, hear the word of the LORD! The day started very well from Litein headed to Keroka .. And I thank Eloim although I arrived at today's destination late much was achieved , I prophesied to every village and town and it's inhabitants , to everyone I had an opportunity to talk I invited them to the message of the cross and the truth of the scriptures . I have attached the pics and the captions . Once more I just to say thank you for your continued prayers for us.

At Kapkatet i met Dominic a coffin maker .we shared and did DISCOVERED that besides selling the coffins he had the opportunity to minister to the bereaved families.

This Paul and his wife Beatrice they have never been to church . Will plan to visit then one day

This 3men of the above town they went to church when they were young but as they grew up they became criminals and they have been to and out of prison but YHW gave me grace to minister to them .

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Update posted by Katie Longhurst On May 06, 2019

UPDATE DAY 6 . 41 KILOMETERS THE HIGHEST SINCE I STARTED . Job 17:9 “The righteous keep moving forward, and those with clean hands become stronger and stronger.”
I started the day much earlier today headed to the west , much much stronger than even when i first begun this walk . Although the feet did hurt from the pain of the blisters at one point the pains ceased I don't know how ..Soon after I had started my sixth day missionary journey I received a message from a group of pastors and some who run orphanages in our region and I quote ; (WE WILL NO LONGER CALL YOU PASTOR ROBERT BUT APOSTLE PAUL , BECAUSE WHAT YOU DO , WHAT YOU STAND FOR AND YOUR PASSION TO SERVE OTHERS AND GOD IS WAY BEYOND HUMAN . PRAYING FOR YOU") This words from this men made my day much brighter but would not afford to hold back my tears ,

As I moved I was reminded of our Messiah's entry into Jerusalem when i met this friendly donkey , I thought of sending word to the owner to allow me use it for the rest of my journey but could not , so left her behind.

It was in Chelgo as I headed to the west that I reached a couple going my direction , Eloim led me to interact with them and the Ruack Hakodesh put in my heart to prophesy to the woman whose name was Loice and the man whose name was Robert my name sake that in 3 months Eloim will give them a son and they will call him Samuel ,it's was such good news when loice confirmed the prophesy that is was 3 months remaining and the tests did indicate it was a boy , they later asked so many questions as we walked to how I knew and who i am as we walked to Kapsuser where we exchanged contacts and it was well .

At Kapcheret I found this preganant goat in the middle of a busy road and had to help her cross before seeing a multitude of donkeys passing by.

Heading west still at Tagita I found this young man called Geoffrey who is deaf and dumb he asked me to sit with him because I looked tired which I did .

With my little sign language we shared and he offered to walk with me and help me carry the bag all the way Kaptaget where he offered to buy me water .

After realizing he can read the Bible and interpret very well in sign language I gave it to him as a gift .

I later walked the remaining distance to strike 41 kilometers the highest since I started. Thank you so much for keeping me , KRCH and the congregation in your prayers .

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Update posted by Katie Longhurst On May 06, 2019

All days will never be the same. I started well but somewhere along today's path my phone's battery died , Almost to my today's target i became too weak to walk .

Felt like fever , nauseous , two leg blisters , i sat by the road side waving at passing vehicles to help and none responded until much later when one stoped and droped me by anear by hospital , after examination my pressure was okay , but had some fever and weight loss of 17 kgs in 5 days .I didn't eat yesterday night and had no breakfast this morning , this must have contributed too, so the doctor advised me to take a lot of water and to eat and have one day rest. Thank you for your continued prayers for me , the entire KRCH family and that of the congregation of the saints . I love you all. JOHN 15:13

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

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Update posted by Katie Longhurst On May 06, 2019

DAY 4 : Shalom Shabbath brothers and sisters . I left Kisumu today as early as 6am and proceeded north. I thought I could find a Shabbath keeping congregation along my path so I moved but found none . At Obonyo I found women washing clothes and I thought it was an opportunity to sow the seed which I did but they refused to take a picture with me . In the near by hospital I prayed for the sick but the hospital refused me to take pictures of the patients but offered me a glass of tea and rather new trouser that I had to change in the washroom oh my it's light and good !!!

I moved north ward to Awasi where I preached to 3 women of this town , Nancy , Dorca and Grace . Further north ward I found two young boys driving a home made car which they allowed me to drive as I narrated the story of Moses to them . Further north my water got finished and I entered to this home and they were very kind to me and they gave me water , I prayed for them and they wished I could stay with them longer .

Downward I moved and before I crossed that small river I stopped and dipped my toes into it to cool , Northward to the hills I lost breath and needed water to drink so i had to rest under this very old tree that this people consider sacred .

Down the hills to the junction I went and the sun is turning orange and brown and the cows are leaving the grazing fields I have to rest for security reasons . But before me I see the expanseveness of the hills that are waiting for me tomorrow but all I know I will change all this for crown one day . Back home it was tears at church , my chair was empty and my absence was greatly felt but it will be well . As you read this update I beseach you to pray for us and if you can please donate to this Noble course and be a blessing to KRCH family ..

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Update posted by Katie Longhurst On May 04, 2019

I left Sondu at dawn before sun rise leaving in tears about this town , what i witnessed last evining when I arrived and the noise from disco halls the whole night , as the yellow like brown sun rose I felt the power of light over darkness . At Osawa I met this great men they really wanted me stay longer ,they followed every word of truth that I shared with them , they invited me to visit next time .

At Jaobama it could have been bad but YHW saved the lives of the occupants of those 2 vehicles and the one and only pedestrian at time and that point . All this things happened so first that I could not tell but it's well .

At around 1pm at Katito , I had a break to have a snack and soda , 2 hours later I stopped at Rai under this Obino tree . From Rai I made it to Ahero where I have a break for today . SHABBATH SHALOM TO YOU ALL FROM SONDU , LIGHT YOUR CANDLES SHAKE THEM ENTER INTO THAT DARKNESS AND HELP THE HOPELESS , NEEDY AND THE POOR .

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Update posted by Katie Longhurst On May 04, 2019

Day 2 update:

34 kilometers (21.4 miles ) : I left Oyugis at dawn and headed to Sikir where I found a lady who had given birth 3 days ago and there was no-one to help her carry the water into the house so I had to help her carry her 9 jericans of water to her house , she offered me a glass of water and piece of bread .

From sikri I headed to Otholo where I had a break before heading to Chabela where I had a break eat 2 bananas before passing by the school that was by the road where i spent 20mins as part of my break too with the kids before proceeding to my final destination Sondu. Eloim I need you in this walk for my soul is in your hands .

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Update posted by Katie Longhurst On May 01, 2019

Pastor Robert set off this morning with a sad goodbye to all the kids at Keumbu Rehema children's home.

An update from Robert:

Sun rise to sun set 39 Kilometers (24.3 miles ) walking except for two stop overs where I did pray and had to share scripture with them and bought sugar cane for lunch .

My bag broke so I had to buy different one . There was no rain today the weather was favorable but the ground was hot very hot to my feet . I have been offered a place to spend a night here.

Good luck from all of us for day 2 tomorrow. Rest up tonight Pastor!
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