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Update posted by Gigi Michael On Aug 02, 2018

I decided to lower the amount to 3k and end the campaign much earlier - next week Thursday August 9th. I've had zero donations and it's Day 3. Honestly I'm not even disappointed. Not sure what I feel but it's something. It's probably relief. I honestly don't really want to do a show where I put myself out there like I am willing to do for this show. It's super uncomfortable for me to be in front a camera. I value my privacy. I never thought people I know would donate because they wanted me to succeed at something, but I thought they would to see me make a fool of myself because I sure would in front of the camera. I created this show out of desperation to make money right now and offer something of value in return - entertainment. It hasn't caught on and I'm totally ok with that. It just means I need to try something different, which I am going to do in the next few days. I'm hunkering down on a different idea that has nothing to with this show and needs no money from anyone to start. If you want the show to happen : donate. If you don't : don't donate. It's pretty simple and its a win win for me either way. I you do donate I have to do the show and put myself in an uncomfortable situation but I will deliver I promise you that. It's a win because I'll grow as a person doing something that is not natural for me. Don't donate and I win because then I don't have to entertain your asses and I'm free to do something else that I will make money at and succeed with. Peace y'all.

♥️ Gigi xx

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