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Update posted by David Rosler On Apr 20, 2018

Either goGetFunding is dumb as a post or they have the same criminal political operative mindset as proven to exist by the many thousands of employees at twitter and facebook. As of this writing there have been 2,647 views, driven here mostly by my radio appearances around the U.S. - the hard-core audience that loves Orbiter like the radio hosts themselves who have given orbiter glowing, amazing (and humbling) accolades.- and only 36 donations. Like facebook and twitter accounts for Orbiter, the statistical probably is just about impossible. We wonder how many hundreds of thousands of dollars have been stolen or simply never were transferred in the first place when people donated (we have much documentation on that latter situation - people get confirmation numbers but the MONEY NEVER LEAVES THEIR ACCOUNTS.

We STRONGLY suggest you flood GoGetFunding with complaints about this issue until they take it seriously - or the US congressmen we know put pressure on UK authorities to break down the doors at GoGetFunding, collect every computer in the place and find out what the h*ll is going on over there (and an extradition to the US to explain themselves to authorities might not be such a terrible idea all things considered, either.) CONTACT GOGETFUNDING AND FLOOD THEM WITH DEMAND TO CORRECT THIS SITUATION HERE https://gogetfunding.com/contactus/ AND DIRECT YOUR ANGER AND DEMANDS AT "vICTORIA THOMAS" .

We have communicated to GoGetFunding's "Victoria" who incredibly assures us that all is well - which means she is either recklessly negligent to the point of virtual criminality or is part of some kind of nefarious operation with the same anti-Christian psychosis that all Christians in the US are now screaming about in the US regarding Twitter and Facebook. There appears to be an anti-Christian prejudice at GoGetFunding because the issues we see here are the same as we see on spocial media - about the same impossible low interaction numbers.The UK might have a problem with arresting and prosecuting people with eastern region names of the sort that own and run GoGetFunding such as CEO Sandip Sekhon but the U.S. has powerful extradition laws and the US congress is in no way afraid to take action.

Speaking of that, here is a popular radio program in the U.S. - Mark Hahn Drivetime - on which Yours Truly was a guest along with other guests including ranking US Senator Chuck Grassley to whom I spill the goods - previously unknown to the Senator, about twitter and the background of the people running it - previously unemployed internet trolls. Del harvey, their "Head of trust and safety" never held ANY job before Twitter except as a volunteer honcho in the trolling operation "Perverted justice", castigated from every corner of the US by very reputable people and law enforcement as nothing more than a 'sadistic trolling operation".. I am currently in discussions with the senator's office now. that makes two ranking US senators and one house representative with whom I am discussing the facts and a way forward to stop the problems and see the responsible parties prosecuted.


Update posted by David Rosler On Mar 16, 2018

IMPORTANT UPDATE! When you donate, make sure to scroll down and make sure that your donation appears in the lower right of the frame under "Backers & Comments". 1 donation got an invoice, but the credit card was not charged and the amount did not go through and the donation did not appear on the lower right above the other donations, so be sure your donation goes through! If it does not go through, contact [email protected] and/or go back to www.orbitermovie.com and donate via credit card or Paypal by clicking on the Paypal button that takes both paypal and credit card. Be sure your donation goes through and is counted!

Update posted by David Rosler On Mar 11, 2018

Some things are right and some things are just wrong. We don't know where the pet-lovers and sensitive tree-huggers are when it comes to the wholesale, cold-blooded slaughter of millions of their own species, but it is just wrong on every level in every civilized society all through history right up until the last few dacades, where supposedly "enlightened" individuals, whose lives were spared by their parents, decided that killing was okay. Late-term abortions - and you have all seen the images - of true fully formed babies slaughtered is particularly horrendous. I am not arguing the life of the mother. Or the one-on-a-million baby so malformed that it cannot possibly survive. There must be exceptions to every rule.

As a thank you to all those who have, continue and will support Orbiter with donations, I put this entire little pro-life video together myself and offer it to you with my most sincere gratitude.


Let Life live.

~ David Rosler

Writer/Producer/Director, Orbiter

Update posted by David Rosler On Mar 08, 2018

To make a long story short, I had an hours-long phone/internet conversation with a ranking Republican Senator's office, laying out my case regarding the obvious systematic, organized and malicious censorship of the Orbiter project on Twitter, explaining everything we have come to learn about Twitter, the background of its executives and it's apparent operational methods. They were convinced. CASE NUMBER means this investigation is going forward. PLEASE DONATE TO ORBITER NOW. No project can continue to exist with this kind of crushing censorship day after day, week after week, month after month. We need YOUR help NOW. You donation will help to ensure a brighter future for people on the internet and Christians in general. Please be generous. and invite your friends to do the same. the website for Orbiter is www.orbitermovie.com The credentials of yours truly, the writer/producer/director, can be found at www.davidrosler.com.

God bless.

~ David Rosler