Updates on Climbing Kili for Turtles and Theatre!

Update posted by Alexander Kerr On Apr 04, 2018

A week or two after returning home, and amongst all the laundry, organising, and family-seeing, we've now distributed all the funds raised by our lovely and generous donors to our lovely and grateful organisations. Thanks so much again to every one who donated and helped us reach and then exceed our goal! It'll make a difference to a lot of people doing good work.

Thanks again,

Alex and Charlie

P.s. There will be a Kilimanjaro video summing up the epic climb in a few weeks!

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Update posted by Alexander Kerr On Mar 12, 2018

We Did It! We reached Uhuru Peak, the highest point in Africa (and Europe) at 8am on Saturday morning. It was the hardest physical thing both of us have ever done. On the summit night we started from 4600m at 12am and then walked uphill in a blizzard for 8 hours until we reached 5895m. Usually, in normal conditions it takes relatively fit people 6 hours and yet we were the first people to reach the summit! It was about -15 degrees and at points a bit scary; we had to follow our guide as he forged new paths through virgin snow, sometimes two feet thick or more, with very low visibility.

Both of us got very close to giving up at different points, but somehow we carried on. Luckily we felt very few effects of altitude sickness. We are pretty exhausted, we have achey feet, cracked lips and flakey faces. Alex sprained his other ankle on day 3 (Weds). But we are very happy to have done it, after dreaming about this for years, and we are even happier to have met and exceeded our fundraising goal, thanks to our very generous donors - thank you so much everyone for giving, and helping to support these two wonderful organisations.

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Update posted by Alexander Kerr On Feb 19, 2018

Things are never easy, especially here in Africa it seems! 3 weeks ago, in the Rwenzori Mountains, Charlie managed to stub her toe - a somewhat innocuous injury, but one that turned out to have resulted in a broken little toe - as proved by X-ray. She's been able to walk, but shoes and boots have been a problem. This resulted in us setting back the walk by a week, to the 26th Feb.

And now, as her toe is recovering, Alex managed to faceplant carrying his big hiking bag down some stairs and sprained his ankle - now all the colours of the rainbow. We'll have to monitor that situation to see how it recovers, with now only a week to go until we are scheduled to climb Kilimanjaro. Wish us luck!!

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