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Update posted by Srinesh Balakrishnan On Jul 17, 2017

Yesterday was the last day where Roy got on the Helicopter to search for Rinta. Unfortunately, the search was unsuccessful yet again. Experts suggest that the funds will be better put towards search and recovery on boats and with divers from herein. A letter was written to request more assistance and after trying multiple avenues and channels, someone in the MFA was finally able to assist. To this effect, some assistance has only now been provided to continue the search... better late than never i guess.

The BASARNAS has kindly agreed to supply 3 additional large vessels along with private boats and divers hired by the family to continue to search near the dive site and neighboring areas from today. Reward notices have also been circulated and continue to be circulated to the neighbouring island villages and locals through various local channels.

We will be closing this site by midday, as our initial intention of helping with the immense helicopter rental cost to find her, has almost been met. We will all continue to pray for Rinta's return. The family would like to thank each and every one of you for your kind words and selfless assistance and support in trying to bring her home. For transparency, the family has requested I post the receipt for the helicopter rental.


Praying for Rinta and Roy and the rest of the family.

YiiYng Hui

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Update posted by Srinesh Balakrishnan On Jul 17, 2017

Yesterday's search again turned out to be unsuccessful. The family of Ms Rinta and all of her friends would like to convey their sincere thanks to all of you who have shown tremendous love and support in backing their efforts to find her. They have managed to secure the chopper for this morning to continue the search. After this morning, they will be focusing their efforts towards obtaining more sea craft and divers to assist in the recovery efforts. At the moment Mr Roy has appealed to the Indonesian government for their assistance.

The letter is as follows:

Dear Sirs


My name is Roy Paul Mukkam. 4 days ago, on Thursday, 13 July 2017, at 11.30am, my sister, Rinta Paul Mukkam, went missing while diving in the Komodo region of Indonesia.

This is the fourth night she is out there on her own.

Since Thursday, you have assisted us in our search for my sister. I am deeply grateful for this.

My family, friends, well-wishers and I have done everything in our power to engage a helicopter, additional boats, dive operators, park rangers, fishermen and villagers, to coordinate search efforts.

None of our efforts have yielded results.

I am pleading with you to lend any additional assistance you can, in the form of more boats, and a helicopter if possible, and your expertise and experience, to the search efforts.

God bless you.

Yours faithfully

Roy Mukkam

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Update posted by Srinesh Balakrishnan On Jul 16, 2017

Thank you everyone for your assistance and kind donations to the family thus far. Search and rescue efforts have been ongoing without success. We have managed to secure the helicopter to continue with air search for today. Kindly continue to help share this post so we can keep the search going.

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