Updates on Help FemmeAppeal get to the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit!

Update posted by Kat Williams On Jul 09, 2017

In honor of me finally getting my Patreon account activated and running, I am adding some more rewards tiers to this campaign.

In exchange for your donation, you can now be featured on the newest addition to my website, The Coveter's Wall! For a $1 I will add your name to the wall, and for a $5 donation it can be hyperlinked wherever you like. With a donation of $30 or more I will put up a banner, button or other graphic in your name, and hyperlink both to whatever URL you choose.

I am so very grateful for everyone's generosity in helping me make this trip to Woodhull possible!

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Update posted by Kat Williams On Jul 07, 2017

Had a generous donation of $25 today, and between that a good offer on an item on my Ebay account last night, I have met my first-level deadline!!!

I have officially emailed the Woodhull coordinator and accepted the scholarship.

I'm still working on gathering more funds, to make it a less stressful trip where I can focus on learning and connecting to amazing people. So please continue to share this campaign.

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