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Update posted by Gillian Williamson On Aug 29, 2018

We’ve did the Draw yesterday with Mr Tavish Scotts help :)

Heres the video I took of it, i chickened out and took a video as opposed to a Facebook live, which was good cos i filmed a huge bit at the beginging without realising haha (edited out)... also sorry for the trippy bad zoom at points lol

Link to my Facebook post and the video is here :)


down to business-

prize winners are:

DVD/ Blueray player- Charlie Umphry;
Kettle- Davie Hutchison;
Book holder- Alexis Anderson;
Jigsaw 1- Rutherford;
Recipie card box And Processo- Dee;
Spa favourites box- Irvine Watt;
Merlot- McGuire;
3 “pinny bags”- S Tait (we found you! lol), Mari Williamson, Jack Preist;
Jigsaw 2- Ruby Reid;
Bodyshop beauty pack- Dodo;
Meerkat orniment- Sean Dickinson;
Dr Who fairy cake kits- Jamie W;
Crayola paints- Peter;
Ferrero rocher chocolates- Lillian Eunson;
Christmas oven mitts- Stefo;
Frying pan- Nicola Harding:
Lunch box - L Fraser;
Cricket bat and ball- Betty Irvine;
Barefoot – red- Elsa stewart;
Barefoot – rose- Ruby Anderson;
Bailys chocolates - Mr Boyd;
Thorntons continental chocolates - Mina Williamson;
Jura whiskey pack- C Porter;
Brewdog pack- M H Williamson;
Oxford pencil case- Jasmine Simpson;
Compass – Marelize;
Bigbang Theory T-shirt- Ellie Tulloch;
Hip flask- Simone Anderson;
LED photo string lights- W Shearer;
Bracelet and earrings- Matthew Laurence;
Boots Lavinder gift set - Nicola Harding;
Large orange Scarf- Kristie Williamson;
Toorlie- Aa’ Fired Up;
Toaster - Kathleen McArthur
Glasses case- Nita Odie;
Peter pan dvd- Shaun Lochrie;
1 or 2 ply hand made Lace Scarf - Liam Johnson;
Uncle Tom’s Cabin book- Angela Williamson,

then here are the big prize winners!!

A cabin car and 2 passinger return journey Northlink - Micheal Pearson
2 return flights with Loganair - Calven Sek
Frankies voucher- Jonny Harms
Trowie knowe Trow- J Tulloch
Katjas cakes (unkinwaggon) voucher - Cody Jamieson
Tasty Hong Kong voucher- Rhianne Johnston
Susan Pearson art print- Zara Nicolson

We’ll be trying to get hold of everyone over the next few days and getting you your prizes!

Congratulations to all who won!😁

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Update posted by Gillian Williamson On Aug 20, 2018


we're doing the Summer Draw on the 28th of August with Tavish Scott in his office and will be filming the draw for legitimacy ... I'm hoping to Facebook live it, though, I've never done one, so I'm toying with just a video upload to make sure it works lol... the prizes are;

2 return flights with Loganair from Shetland to Aberdeen; a cabin car and 2 passinger return journey to Aberdeen or Kirkwall with the Northlink Ferry Terminal; a peerie Trow from Trowie Knowe Crafts ; an amazing print from Susan Pearson Art and Illustration; a voucher for one of Katja's Cakesamazing cakes; a voucher for Tasty Hong Kong Takeaway; and loads more!

There's still time to enter should you feel lucky! (via the facebook link or private mail me here)

.. you might easy win! if not the top prizes then one of the smaller ones.

Thank you all who have entered so far, we're inching closer, by the day, towards getting Joseph his new arm

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Update posted by Gillian Williamson On Jul 29, 2018

Hi 😊

Sorry for the lack of updates but we've been busy 😄

Joseph has grown his hair a bit ... and has also had a new quote for the be-bionic hand plus components nearer to home (Glasgow), so I thought I'd better get my finger out and edit the page to reflect the changes in circumstances.

As always you'll find us bag packing away in the lerwick co-op, randomly, I must admit, and we have a raffle on the go also, with some great prizes from loganair and northlink not to mention some amazing local culinary delights and artwork.. plus a trow! Alongside a bundle of your usual sorts of raffle prizes 😊 wish I could enter lol

I'll try to keep this page a little more manned.

As always, thank you. We're inching towards our goal and it wouldn't be possible without your kindness.

Gillian xx

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Update posted by Gillian Williamson On Jul 28, 2018


Here's our PayPalme link for PayPal donations.


Thank you 😊

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Update posted by Gillian Williamson On Dec 31, 2017

Another awesome night in Da Kiln Bar! The money donated (£118) along with the money thats come in for Josie's dad Gibbie's great swim, that he did in the summer, (£610) and a hugly generous Christmas donation from Josie's granny and grandad, Ruby and Gibbie (£2000) the half way mark's been blown totally out the water and we're now at £23,450! In just over a year!

When i started up all this last October, i didn't really have a plan, i set up the fundraising page on a whim and wasn't really sure if we'd raise anything at all. I have to say im totally overwhelmed by the support we've had, and even though its been said a million times before, shetland people, you are amoung the kindest in the world. And of course, thank you too all who have got us this far, your hearts are golden.


lets hope im thanking everyone this time next year for helping us reaching the total 😉😊😙

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Update posted by Gillian Williamson On Dec 06, 2017

Totals up over 20700 now! 😆

Great night at Da Kiln last Saturday, we raised a good amount of £160 for our busk and plan to do another on the 30th of December!

heres a little taster (our brother Georden Williamson)


For those who can make the next one, we have a couple more acts including Donald Anderson :) and of course get in touch if you want to contribute and have a fun :)

30th of December, hope to see you there!

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Update posted by Gillian Williamson On Nov 29, 2017

We're having a "Busk" Fundraiser at the Kiln Bar in Scalloway on Saturday night, 2nd December at 9pm.

There will be Live Music from various artists including Alan Mckay & Robert Bennet who have just released their new album of guitar music; Marie Williamson & Nathan Leask with their band Hollow Mountain; Georden Williamson; Leo Froud; Keir & Radina; and other willing singers/ musicians.

We are also expecting the New Scalloway Fire Festival Guizer Yarl Leslie along with his Squad and previous Guizers, and would like to thank them all in advance for their support for Joseph's Bebionic Arm Fund, and also a massive thank you to Vera, the proprietor, for allowing us to start this in her premisis. Thank you x

Donations will be gratefully recieved on the door and any time during the night.

And if anyone else wants to come and contribute a tune please come along! All contibutions musical, vocal or other are welcome, or, just come along and contribute a listen ;) Should be a fun filled night!

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Update posted by Gillian Williamson On Nov 09, 2017

Thank you to everyone who let us pack your shopping this last week and helped us raise an astonishing £2672 towards Josie's arm!

We're over the moon and so excited to only be £2147 away from the half way mark!

You are all amazing xx

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Update posted by Gillian Williamson On Nov 03, 2017


Just an update on the page, there was a little bit of a glitch in the matrix and paypal was taken away as a donation option, but its been fixed again now, and you'll see the option once you put in an amount and click next :)

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Update posted by Gillian Williamson On Oct 19, 2017

Hi 🙋

Hope everyone's well 😊 just letting you know we have some more bag packing booked at the co-op in Lerwick the 2nd 3rd 4th 7th and 8th of November. Come you and we'll give you a hand with your packing xx

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