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Update posted by alan carter On Aug 16, 2016

We are Kristin and Alan Carter - for the last 10 years we have worked in the tourist industry in Spain, France, Greece and Turkey, teaching sailing and leading yacht flotilla, It gives us great pleasure catering for guests and fulfilling their needs to create a safe and memorable holiday experience.

The current problems in Turkey have changed the willingness for Europeans to visit this beautiful country, so we have decided to take our fate into our own hands and raise funds to design and construct a purpose built Hotel Boat, Run by ourselves

I'm not asking you for a gift.

I'm asking for your trust, and for you to invest in two people that you should know you can rely upon.

To try to explain how I would look after your investment I hope this helps.

Each £100 Investment will be a Bond Certificate through an Accountant or Solicitor. So just to make it clear if you Invest £10,000 you will hold 100 Bond Certificates, I'll buy them back annually from you and pay 8% return to you on outstanding balance, So if after 1 year you hold £10,000 of Bonds I'll pay you £800 Interest and buy back as many Bonds as I can afford until you have had your Investment returned and all Interest payed.

(max 6 years)

If you had invested £10,000 as a big thank you. You will receive a bonus of one five day all inclusive cabin charter that's 2 people in 1 room at premium season rate.

Kristin and I will take out a life and Critical Health Insurance to cover all Bonds issued and Interest due!

Please Don't be shy join us in this new adventure.


Hi The boatbuilder will probably be Cuttwater boat builders Staniland Marina Thorne Doncaster. he is a fabulous fellow highly skilled and very reliable. Build slots are booked up until June 2017 and it will take about 18 weeks plus fit-out another 10 weeks so the season is albeit gone but there is a lot to learn and this presents an opportunity to polish the route and the accommodation can be tested by investors. so the new season will start April 2018.

alan carter

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