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Update posted by Waldomar Buhay On Aug 14, 2016

Yesterday, Saturday, Manny finally went home. Thank you to all who prayed and helped. You all had been an inspiration to Manny and the family.

Now comes the long term fix. Manny has to be treated not just for his wound, which still needs a lot of critical wond care and management, but for his diabetes and vascular/circulatory conditions. We still have 8 days for this campaign, please consider extending help to get Manny healthy.

Thank you very much.

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Update posted by Waldomar Buhay On Aug 07, 2016

The family of Manny is extremely grateful for the prayers, well wishes, emotional and financial support for Manny during these very trying times. We hope this bit of good news will be an encouragement and inspiration to all. This weekend, the doctors agreed to give Manny his last intra-venous antibiotics. His wound has shown improvement, with new tissue growth. After his last bag, he can be discharged. At home, Manny will be taking his oral antibiotics. Manny still needs regular debridement, daily wound cleaning and management, to be done by son, Arjan, and wife, Malyn. There is still a lot of work. He is still diabetic and he still needs to have vascular treatment.

But for right now, Manny needs all the help he can get to complete his hospital and doctors' bills, still about $7,500; at home, he will continue to buy his own medications and supplies. He can use a more appropriate bed, wheel chair, toilet accessories, etc. And let us keep in mind the many medical specialists' services he will need. Hopefully, in the coming two weeks.

Again, with your help. First, to get Manny home. So eventually, he can be back on his feet and be the father and husband he continue to fight very hard for.

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