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Update posted by Emma Fingler On Jan 06, 2016

Full name: Nick Blanchett
Hometown: White Rock, BC
Year: 5th
Program: Honours in Political Studies, Major in History, Minor in Philosophy

"I plan on going to law school for corporate law and running my own real estate firm next year.

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Update posted by Emma Fingler On Jan 01, 2016

Full Name: Jennifer Rooney
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Year: 3rd and Final
Program: Honours in International Studies and a Minor in Hispanic Studies

“I am thrilled to have met so many wonderful people in my class who I know will be long-lasting friends. There is something very underrated about having like-minded friends, and it is wonderful to be surrounded by people as passionate as I am. I look forward to the adventures in New York with new and old friends, my amazing roommate, and the best NMUN partner a girl could ask for.”

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Update posted by Emma Fingler On Dec 30, 2015

Full Name: Oscar Veron
Hometown: Everywhere (He is very worldly and has lived in too many countries to count!)
Year: Fourth
Program: Double Major in Economics and Politics Studies and a Minor in Spanish

"I am incredibly honoured to be working with such a dedicated group of individuals and under the guidance of a phenomal professor. I look forward to see what skills we will gain and the relationships we will form while in New York representing Bishop's at the National Model United Nations."

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Update posted by Emma Fingler On Dec 30, 2015

Full Name: Emma Fingler
Hometown: Burnaby, BC
Year: Fourth
Program: Honours Political Studies, Minors in International Studies and Religion

“To go to New York itself is an amazing opportunity, it’s an amazing city, but what we are there for is even greater.”

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Update posted by Emma Fingler On Dec 29, 2015

Full name: Melissa Rusanganwa
Homewtown: Rwanda
Program: Major in International Studies and Political Studies with a minor in Entrepreneurship.

"I plan on working for an international organization and why not the UN. And Model UN is going to teach me a lot. I can't to wait to go to NYC for the first time and meet new people from all over the world and learn about different cultures."

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Update posted by Emma Fingler On Dec 27, 2015

Full Name: Mackenzie Vezina
Hometown: Aylmer, Qc
Year: 2nd year
Program: Honors International Studies and Major in Political Studies

"I am most excited to experience the working environment of such a big event. It will give me a broader understanding how the UN works and how learn how to work with large groups to get things done."

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Update posted by Emma Fingler On Dec 23, 2015

Full name: Marion Clech
Hometown: Rennes (France)
Year: 4th
Program: International Political Economy (Honours)??

“I am really excited to go to New York with all our team to enjoy this great academic and human experience, and discover the United Nations' world. After graduating I would like to do a Master Degree and specialize in International Security. I am still not sure where I will apply but I would like to stay in Canada.”

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Update posted by Emma Fingler On Dec 21, 2015

Full Name Esther Peev
Hometown: Geneva, Switzerland
Year: Third (exchange student)
Program: International Studies

“The most exciting thing about NYC is to discover the world of international organizations not anymore in theory but learn it in practice. After I am graduate I am going to start a master in International Law in Geneva and eventually become a lawyer for international organization. NMUN will then help me to have a first look at how it works in international organization and better understand some issues related to the United Nations and its function!”

Full Name: Alyssa Duchesneau-Custeau?
Hometown: Stoke (small town east of Sherbrooke)
Year: Final year
?Program: Honours in International Studies and a major in Hispanic Studies

“Its funny because I started off with a major in Modern Languages and a minor in International Studies. But I liked it so much that I switched to a major after my first semester, and to an honours at the beginning of this semester. After I graduate I'm thinking of doing a Masters, probably in Globalization and Development at UOttawa. I think that Model UN is an essential step of my academic path, as it allows me to put into practice much of what I have learned in the past two years. Also, it has already helped me overcome my shy side!”

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Update posted by Emma Fingler On Dec 20, 2015

Name: Tegan Belrose
Hometown: Plattsburgh, NY, USA
Year: Second
Program: Double major in History and International Studies

“After I graduate, I'd like to either work with the UN or with an NGO. As cliché as it sounds, I want to make a difference in the world. My experiences with Model UN will help me to better understand how international organizations function on the ground level. It will teach me valuable lessons about problem solving in a timely, diplomatic fashion.”

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Update posted by Emma Fingler On Dec 18, 2015

Full name: Heather Barlow
Hometown: Delta, BC
Year: Second
Program: International Studies with minors in Politics & Economics

“My ultimate career goal to be in eventually after I graduate would to be to work for an international organization such as the UN or the Canadian government in the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. The Model UN Practicum class is a fantastic opportunity for me to not only learn about how the UN works, but to actually put into practice what I am learning. Having the opportunity to experience how diplomacy works first hand will help me greatly in my future career goals after I graduate.”

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