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Update posted by Linda Parks On Dec 19, 2013

Dear Friends

Peanut  and I ,thank you for your help and contributions.

I would like to say that I am sorry about not updating his information sooner!!

it has been a long and sleepless few months. I have been hand feeding Peanut because he hasn't been able to open his jaws ,wider than 1/4 inch wide. He still cannot open any wider BUT has learned to eat pretty well, out of his dish all by himself. he lost so much weight ,that I was beside myself with worry, he went form 24 pounds down to 17 pounds. and was almost like a skeleton. and so fragile !! I started feeding him in the middle of the night , just to get another meal in , and had been cooking his food so that he got extra nutrition along with his kibble. adding vitamins, and calorie gel to his meals to aid in weight gain.

Peanut bless his heart would wake me up if he wasn't feeling well or starting to have a epileptic azure !! and I would give him some rescue remedy medicine and wrap him up in a blanket and rock him.!! he then would quiet  down and got sleep. the neurologist has put him on seizure medicine, as well as very strong steroids, and an Immune medication to keep his body from reacting badly.I will add some pictures to show all of you how much he changed,. he has his blood checked and watched closely as the meds are very dangerous . between the blood tests and the meds I am spending $200.00 a month between the to items. and soon need to go back to the neurologist to be rechecked.

Peanut is about 90% better at this time,. the specialist has said that he may never be able to go off these meds , BUT I am hopeful that I can taper him off them at some point. as they are life shortening .Peanut is back to his playful self MOST days. only having 2 or 3 days a month end up badly. with small seizures, or hyper days where he just can't stop moving.

again I am so sorry that it took me so long to update his follow up notices !! I have had a couple of weeks that have been down times due to illness myself. thank goodness Bulldogs always love naps.!!!!

Happy Holidays to all !!!

from Peanut & Pippa and me   Linda Parks

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Update posted by Linda Parks On Aug 17, 2013



    Good morning friends
last Thursday night was a rotten one for Peanut. He circled for longer ,and more often.brain damage causes this behavior, and he is starting to loose a little weight . I have been concerned about this,the Dr Kline said he might.his water intake and appetite are areas for concern. he is getting frustrated at times because his jaws do not open more than about 1/4 inch, the Dr thinks he may have a blood born issue that was under the surface , that the trauma of the fall brought to the surface! he eats by pushing the food further into his mouth by using the flat bottom of the dish to push the food on into his mouth .time consuming /messy/frustrating for my baby boy!! SO --I've started feeding him by hand. if he stands in front of me,and I get his chin up, he opens as far as he can , then I push the food further each time he attempts to gulp it back further into his mouth !
Talk about a joint effort LOL!!!!! but his eating goes much faster and less frustrating. that makes Mum happy. this has gone well for 2 days now,

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