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Update posted by Shonacee Lopez On Oct 03, 2013

Hello Everyone, 

I have been doing some more planning and i must say im scared, im not going to be able to bring this all together in such a short time :( but enough with the negative thinking, i have decided to make my girls flower dresses it's cheaper $100/each not too bad as well as creative, i want it to be perfect and i feel i can make them a beautiful dress. I cant wait till iam able to show you all. again ill be going to see where ill be having my wedding this weekend im soooo excited. I know that many of you are busy so again thank you taking time out to check on my progress. 

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Update posted by Shonacee Lopez On Oct 02, 2013

Hey everyone, 

So i have just looked at my page and i see that i have created a post about 10 times lol, my apologies im just learning how to use this not to mention my computer seems to have a mind of its own lol. So as my first time planning a wedding im overwhelmed with the amount of work there is too do but so very excited to begin this journey. Google has become my best friend, and as i mentioned im trying to create a wedding that is simple but my dream as well. I have found a nice little cottage that i can have both my wedding as well as the reception. And get this its only $200 for 6 hrs and im so excited to go see it. I promise to take pictures to share so that i could also get opinions as well. Also for anyone who has wedding ideals to share i would be very greatful for you input. Thanks everyone 

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