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Update posted by Phyllis Walden On Aug 15, 2015

I'm speaking with a valve on the trach tube and breathing is as close to normal as I can remember. Dr. Stafford has ordered another swallow test for me. Thinks I may be able to start to drink again! Probably won't happen until Monday but that's weeks earlier than anyone here thought I'd be in a position to even try. - Henry Walden

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Update posted by Phyllis Walden On Aug 12, 2015

Henry is back in the hospital, scheduled to get a reversible tracheotomy later this morning (11 am, August 12). His throat is more swollen than ever; the trach will bypass that, allowing him to breathe. The doctor is also going to do a thorough check of his throat tissues and esophagus while he's in surgery to make sure there's nothing else going on. This will postpone Henry's hyperbaric oxygen treatments by a week or so.

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Update posted by Phyllis Walden On Aug 09, 2015

I began a teaching career in 1973 in the small town of Hickory out of the Fort Cherry School District. The journey has now brought me here. Lisa Carlisle visited me in the hospital during my last stay. In talking with Lisa, she thought I could get help with these evergrowing medical bills by setting up an online fundraising account. I wasn't too excited by the idea, but after research and advice from many friends, I decided to ask Lisa to set one up for me. I have been getting bills from the radiation treatments and their side effects. I have not recovered from the radiation even though it ended six months ago. After seven oxygen treatments, I can see very little improvement. To make matters worse, I have been told that since each "dive" is considered a separate procedure, I would have to pay $225 copayment for each procedure (30-40 procedures). I know that not everyone can donate and I thank you anyway. Thank you each and every one of you for your thoughts and prayers. - Henry Walden

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